Depending on when you have planned the departure to the honeymoon, you may have to leave your suitcase ready before the big day. And what can you need if you go on a cruise? Take note of everything that can not be missing in your luggage.

After sending the wedding invitations , giving you the “yes, I want” -you wearing that wonderful wedding dress and he an impeccable suit- and after the banquet and that romantic dance to the sound of the best songs for weddings , the time to enjoy your love in a dream honeymoon … From the endless options that you have for that romantic trip together, cruises are an option increasingly chosen  among the newlyweds to spend their first days as a husband and woman. It is a very affordable choice that also allows you to visit several places at once.

Just as thinking about the different decorating ideas for weddings was somewhat complicated for you – since of course you had never given the “yes, I want” before – decide what to keep in your suitcase  at the moment of marching towards the dreamed cruise – if you have never been in a similar one – it will also be difficult for you … But that’s what we are for! Here are some tips that, surely, will help you when carrying out this task. Take note of these 15 essentials !

  • 1. You will have already said goodbye to your bridal attire and, however much it was a simple and comfortable wedding dress , it is time to say goodbye and bet on  fresh and light clothing,  with which you can both walk on the boat or in the different scales that this makes along the journey.
  • 2. As the ship usually has a pool and spa , you can not miss in your luggage  several swimsuits, bikinis and sarongs .
  • 3. Of course, you should also keep a pair of comfortable shoes and sandals in the suitcase  , as well as a towel , although surely the cruise service will provide them in advance.
  • 4. If you get married in the warmer months of the year, it will be rewarding to provide the guests with water and different fans, which you can even turn into fantastic wedding details … In the same way, you should take into account how much it will give you the sun once you are enjoying your nuptial cruise, so do not forget a good sunscreen and moisturizing cream after bathing and sunbathing. And some cap!
  • 5. And although you are not prone, it will be wise to bring some type of medication against seasickness . Prevention is better than cure!
  • 6. On cruise ships there are usually at least two gala dinners, so do not forget to wear elegant clothes : a party suit or tuxedo for him and  a long party dress  for you. 
  • 7. Also, to dine in the restaurants of the ship it will be advisable that you keep some changes of long pants and shirt -for him-, and more informal dresses or skirts -for you-.
  • 8.  Counting that most of your dinners will be informal, you can not miss in your luggage comfortable clothes that you want to wear and wear during your stay on the cruise.
  • 9. A shawl or a jacket is usually necessary for the nights outside and to access some rooms where the air conditioning may bother you. Another essential that you must add to the luggage!
  • 10. If you take some kind of medication , take enough of them just in case. You will not find it on the ship and it can be difficult to buy it abroad

Regarding documentation , it will be essential that you bring:

  • 11. Passport in order.
  • 12. The boarding tickets .
  • 13.  Airline tickets , train or any other means of transport that you need to use.
  • 14. Hotel reservations if you have to do them for the days before departure or for the days after arrival.
  • 15. Sufficient cash and credit cards.

Once the wedding dress is hung and the bridal shoes of the “yes, I want” woman are kept , you will only have to start preparing the suitcase of what will become the most unforgettable journey of your livesand the first as a husband and Woman: your romantic and dreamed honeymoon on a cruise.

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