Not all couples are the same nor are honeymoons. And it is that each destination can have a different objective: to relax, to know new cultures, to discover cities full of charm, to live adventures … What is yours?

After the preparations and the organization of the wedding, it is time to truly enjoy. Gone are, finally, the tests of wedding dresses , the choice between the wide offer in wedding suits and spend whole evenings to find the perfect wedding details for your guests. It is time to disconnect from everything, to get lost together, very close together, and to recover strength during the honeymoon.

The saying goes that for tastes are the colors, which could also be applied to the way in which newly married couples decide to enjoy their honeymoon. Some yearn for a destination of relaxation, a trip in which to stroll by paradisiac beaches, replenish energy in an all-inclusive hotel and enjoy massages, beauty sessions and the “dolce far niente”. Others, however, prefer to disconnect by discharging adrenaline, so they choose a destination in which to live a thousand and one adventures. And some of them think of the honeymoon as an excellent opportunity to get to know new cultures and surround themselves with art, visiting museums, archaeological remains, monuments, etc … Here are several perfect destinations for these three types of honeymoons. You will see that the offer is as varied as the one at the time of choosing one of the 2019 wedding hairstyles , discovering the best options in terms of texts for wedding invitations , deciding possible menus for the happiest day of your life or choosing between the numerous possibilities in prices of bridal bouquets .

Honeymoon relaxing

There is no better way to disconnect from the wedding and the whole organization of it than lying in the sun, on a white sand beach and crystal clear waters, while you savor a delicious combination. If this idea seduces you, it is best to flee to a distant and paradisiacal island, such as the Maldives , where you can experience the experience of staying in one of its private villas, with a swimming pool and direct access to its spectacular beaches. Mauritius is another perfect destination for this type of honeymoon, without a doubt a true paradise in which, apart from enjoying its beaches with turquoise waters, you can play golf or walk through its nature reserves. And what about the Riviera Maya? A unique enclave in which to enjoy all the comforts of a luxury resort, all inclusive, with the Caribbean Sea as a backdrop. Can you imagine the scene while, in the background, some of the romantic songs for weddings sound ?

Adventure honeymoon

Download adrenaline is another good way to break the routine and recover from all the stress that comes with organizing a wedding. If this is your idea of ​​a perfect honeymoon, an ideal destination for you may be to go on a safari in Kenya . You will enter the jungle and you will be able to see and photograph lions, tigers, elephants and many other animals in their natural habitat. Costa Rica is another ideal destination for an adventurous honeymoon. You can bathe in the thermal pools of the Arenal Volcano, put yourself in the shoes of a real explorer traveling the jungle in a 4×4 or crossing the hanging bridges that you will find in the cloud forest of Monteverde. In Costa Rica adventure is the order of the day.

Cultural honeymoon

But if you are looking for a middle ground, a cultural honeymoon may be best for you. It’s about discovering exotic cultures or emblematic and fascinating cities, going from ruins of ancient civilizations to modern art museums, visiting emblematic monuments, tasting the typical cuisine of the place … Who said that a cultural honeymoon was boring? If this idea appeals to you, we recommend that you embark on a cruise. It will be, without a doubt, the best way to visit different cities and countries, in a short time, without stress and enjoying the best of each port. And you can enjoy all the amenities and activities that are organized on board every day: golf, dance classes, romantic dinners …! The offer is very broad, so you can choose from numerous for the Mediterranean and the Greek Islands , without leaving aside the cruises for the countries of the north of Europe nor for the Caribbean . A luxury for the senses!

But if what you want is to know other more exotic cultures, Southeast Asia is a good option. Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines are just some of the countries that await you to discover all the richness of their ancestral cultures. And, of course, we can not forget the ancient China and Japan .

Do you already know what kind of honeymoon will be yours? Remember that you can use traditional music from the country or the countries you will visit when choosing some of the wedding songs that you want to sound great. And what do you think about resorting to some original ideas for weddings from the destinations you have in mind? Without a doubt, it will be a most varied and wonderful link.

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