Are you looking for romantic and fun ideas to surprise your date this summer? Be creative and adventurous with these 10 ideas for the summer date that will surely amaze you!

After the cold winter and the unstable months of spring, temperatures are finally rising and so are the pheromones of singles everywhere.

they are looking for some summer romance without the price of a plane ticket, summer definitely has the answer!

This is the perfect time of year to get away from the more traditional ubiquitous dates and spice up the sauces and go out to make the most of the hottest days and warm nights.

The 10 fun and romantic ideas of the summer date

If you are looking for something fresh and fun, with the right adventure and romance, just use these 10 best dating ideas this summer, and you will surely do more than just surprise your date!

# 1 Glorious food!

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so that summer is the ideal time to explore the many farmers’ markets and food festivals that appear during the warmer months.

Taking your boyfriend to one of these yumminess shelters will surely earn you more brownie points.

And many offer free tastings, so if you’re lucky, you might even have the chance to enjoy your meal. You also have a delicious chocolate brownie!

Check out the local lists of food events in your area or search the web for food festival dates. There are many options, from chocolate festivals to exhibitions, and you will definitely have a place to choose.

The good thing about the food dates is that they give you the opportunity to enjoy your date and have a spin-off the next date on which you can form a team and cook your purchases for a romantic dinner for two or maybe, an appointment double too. It is also the perfect date to try something new and encourage your partner to do the same, which is a clear sign that you can be fun and a bit adventurous.

2 Outdoor dinners

Outdoor dining always makes a good date choice! Especially during the summer, making the most of warm weather and eating outdoors is an excellent way to relax. Picnics are what you do, so whether you think informally or romantically, pack accordingly.

Remember, nothing says romance other than strawberries and champagne, but choose foods that are easy to eat and eat because nothing is more of a detour than licking your fingers with a sauce dripping down your chin.

All the major supermarkets now have a wide variety of picnic foods that save you time, but if you have time, why not prepare something homemade or create sparks with your own barbecue for two.

Another tip here, the location is very important too. A leafy park, a well-tended lawn, somewhere along a river or lake: choose a place that will help you set the mood for a lovely date. You can also add a twist to your date perhaps by flying a kite or catching a crazy round of golf! Try anything, as long as it is something that allows you to highlight the playful side of the other.

# 3 Increase in adrenaline

An adrenaline boost is the perfect complement to the nervous nerve nerves that we can all experience from time to time. The thrilling adrenaline rush you get from the theme park rides is what makes your hearts race!

There is scientific evidence that shows that levels of brain chemicals like serotonin increase during the adrenaline of excited fear that we have experience in a ride in a theme park. And these chemicals mimic the feeling you have during the crazy love phase at the beginning of a new relationship, which in turn makes the individual feel more connected to their appointment.

So, do you need a quick recharge of why it fell? In love with your partner or if you want to trick your brain and brain of your date to establish a loving connection, this is the date for you.

4 Row your boat

A classic summer pastime and one of the favorites between rowers and non-rowers is navigation. Making a boat trip, even around a lake in the park, is liberating, romantic and can be a lot of fun as long as you know what you are doing.

Even the most inexperienced rower can think such a great date well, but just be careful not to imitate the movies where both fall, since the water is deceptively cooler than the weather!

And for more adventurous couples, one might consider hiring a kick when available or perhaps something more energetic like canoeing or kayaking.

5 Meeting on the roof

Many cities have rooftop terraces that house bars and restaurants with incredible views of the city that will impress your appointment as well as getting away from the hustle and bustle of life at street level and ascending to the heights of sophistication.

The rooftop bars are also one of the best places to have a cocktail while the sun goes down. Men can add extra cavalry points by lending him his jacket in the late afternoon when the sun begins to set. And it’s also a good excuse to snuggle closer.

6 Food with a view

Like rooftop bars, restaurants on the upper floors of tall buildings impress the senses with the world spread out in front of you. For example, the OXO Tower in London is the ideal place to have lunch or dinner while enjoying the incredible views of the capital of the United Kingdom.

While everyone enjoys the sun, they often open some slot machines in those hard-to-get restaurants. above. Just make sure your appointment does not suffer from vertigo before reserving the table next to the window!

7 Sports season

Summer is the time when the sports season comes into full swing with a lot of profile events attended by celebrities, bankers, media moguls and the like. So choose your best hat or powder of your most elegant suit and give a date something elegant and spectacular.

The season is not just about rowing, racing and polo. There are a number of different events during the season that should appeal to most tastes. This date is about trying something new and enjoying being different during the day. You can show another face to show your date, and who knows, you can even put a cheeky bet on the winning team to go to your next appointment!

8 In sight

A popular choice among those who enjoy music and movies are the diverse outdoor cinemas and concerts that take place in many major cities. Whether you want to treat your date with a classic movie under the stars or enjoy a nice summer afternoon listening to good music, having an outdoor date has all the characteristics of a fun night, and is much more interesting than a more date traditional.

Again, preparation is key, you can often bring your own delicious sweets and your favorite bottle of wine. This type of quote * especially concerts and outdoor music festivals * often lends itself to larger groups that add variety to your love life.

After all, it is important not to separate yourself from your friends and mixing a romantic date with a group of friends together is the perfect antidote to getting lost in the honeymoon period.

9 Get on your bike

Summer is the ideal season to activate. And an excellent way to combine exercise with dating is to take a couple of bikes and take a walk along one of the bike paths that are found along the rivers or in one of the larger parks. Cycling dates allow both to fully enjoy nature and the scenic landscape while enjoying the company of others.

And if the exercise is not for you, take a tandem and take it slowly. If you have time, maybe combine this with a country unit so you can spend more time with others. For an extra dynamic date, take your inline skates and make your way to romance!

10 Next to the sea

As things heat up, head to the beach to have fun in the summer and make the most of the sunny weather. Free your inner child by practicing walks and building sand castles, walk by the sea paddling in the waves, eating an ice cream sitting on the dock, playing crazy golf for a friendly competition with lots of laughs, enjoy strolling along the promenade and at the end of the day, watch the sunset from a bar or restaurant facing the West Sea.

And if the beach is far away, look for a nice local park and have fun on the swings, play Frisbee, feed the ducks by the lake and take a romantic walk under the trees holding hands.

Now go on there and use these 10 best ideas to go out in the summer! After all, what better way to spend the summer than enjoying the sun with the person you love?

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