What can I give to my sweetheart for our anniversary … when you have been dating or married for a short time and you are still in a cloud, getting a gift for your girlfriend is a priority.

Your first anniversary comes, you are worried about looking for something that will excite you and make you happy, today we want to give you some idea to get it, surely some of our proposals fit with what you are looking for to get the gift of your love.

It’s a very special moment

The first anniversaries are very significant and tend to be remembered with more intensity so it is well worth the effort you make to find a gift that truly thrills you, it does not have to be anything ostentatious, or expensive, in these cases it is more valuable the emotional component, so you should pose gifts full of symbolism with which to show her the love you feel towards her.

In addition not only is the gift important, it also counts, and much, how you present the gift, that you perceive that you have taken the trouble both when selecting the gift that most fits with it and the presentation of it; at the end all the details related to the gift of your wife or girlfriend add to the time to give something.

Prepare the moment of delivery

And if the presentation is important, the time of delivery is essential, you should spend some time thinking about how to do it since there are very original ways to deliver the gift, from having it found by surprise, or preparing a game of tracks, until sending it to work. You can also opt for the more traditional method of giving it when you get up, as long as you do not have to run away from home, or wait for a romantic meal or dinner to do so. In any case also think about your preferences, you may like something spectacular and she is something more discreet, or the other way around … prioritize your tastes to hit right with the gift for her and that the gift for your girl is round and you hit fully.

Our most original anniversary gifts

We have very original anniversary gifts that you will love, think that any object, for example up to a cup of coffee can be very romantic if you know how to give it the right approach or if you accompany it with a significant note for you.

This double keychain is very symbolic, perfect for couples who are going to live or who live together, it is a split house with two separate rings so that each member of the couple carries one of the parties.

And for hardcore romantics there is also the version with heart, this time, each member of the couple will carry a part of the keychain heart match .

This product is very original, with it you can prepare a romantic breakfast or a romantic dinner for your partner, it consists of a heart-shaped mold  that gives shape to a cooked egg, it is easy and simple, and the dishes that you prepare will be like this of specials!

The heart-shaped massage cushion, as well as charming, will delight you, as you massage your back when leaning on it, if your girl is the one who puts a lot of hours sitting, it will come great to relieve tension in the area back or kidneys, just place it on the back of the chair and when you lean on it will begin to vibrate, relaxing the entire area.

Another curious gift is this customizable wooden puzzle, mount it, write on it, in the back, a significant phrase or a dedication and undo it again to put it back in its box: You will have to mount it to find out what it is that you have written, I’m sure he loves it!

As you can see any detail can be a great gift if you know how to give the right touch, the point is to add a point of intimacy with a phrase or gesture, think about your aspirations or desires and try to find gifts that cover or symbolize, you will feel heard and loved, in this way you will be able to make a good gift for your sweetheart on your anniversary!

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