Looking out for some last minute birthday gifts ideas for your friend or relative? Are you confused what to gift? You don’t know how to find out some good gifts? Don’t worry as it is a one stop place where you can find all what you need.

Many times we are so busy in our daily life that we almost forget some special occasions. Birthday occasion is the one which I am mainly taking about. At times we forget birthdays of our dearest one, close friends. We don’t get time to plan out birthday gifts for that person and the only thing left is the last minute birthday gifts ideas. Yes, when we have few hours left or a day to that occasion, then we only look out for last minute birthday gifts ideas as we don’t have any other options.

I know you also might be busy whole week with your hectic scheduled work or family responsibilities. You didn’t got much time to plan out some good birthday gifts. So, what to do now as the birthday is coming near, may be few hours left or may be one day to go. Down below are some gift ideas that you can prepare at the very last moment with ease.

8 Easily manageable last minute general birthday gifts ideas

Let me make it little easy for you. I know you are searching for some birthday gifts ideas which are good to present, also you want them to be easily available for you within time. So, for this, the best way is to find out only ready made gifts, which you can search in general gifting stores. Also you can find few easy homemade gifts that you can make yourself at the very last moment.

Ready made Birthday greeting Card

What could be a best way to wish a person “happy birthday” with a birthday greeting card. It is most valuable gift that stays with that person for years and reminds the day.

It is a general gift that you can gift any one. A greeting can be easily available anywhere so it wont consume your time to find it. You can find some good birthday greeting cards within minutes from a greeting card store.

Tip: [ You can buy a big greeting card. Also, you can use this card in a more personalized way, just by sketching some messages on the card, that will be of more value]

Wine or Champagne Bottle

Celebrating a birthday occasion with a wine or champagne, what can be more cheerful and joyful thing than that. You can find a wine or champagne bottle from any gifting shop, malls, store or any liquor shop. You can find it very easily, thus one of the best option for your last minute.

Tip: Let the birthday person open the bottle to toast up the celebration. You can make this happen during cake cutting or may be at dinner time. ]

Chocolate box

This is another good option to celebrate the day. In general, everyone loves chocolate. So, I think it is good last minute birthday gift option as you don’t have to give a lot of time to find out this gift. You can find chocolate in any store, shop or malls, they are easily available.

Birthday gift basket

Birthday gift basket is a good option these days, as you can find a lot of gifts under one basket, isn’t it great. Now a days many gifting companies provide readily made birthday gift basket. You can find a wide range of variety in these gift baskets. So, what all you need than that, all gifts in a basket. You can find these gift baskets in general gifting companies. If you don’t get these ready made basket, then you can also make your own selected basket gifts, where you can choose some small sized gifts, wrap them up and put it in the basket.

Flower Bouquet

Flower bouquet is a beautiful gift that you can present to anyone and on any occasion. Also, you can easily find flower bouquet in any flower shop. So, I think you can present a big flower bouquet to the birthday person.

Pair of clothes

You can find some good branded cloths from the mall or shop, wrap them up and put them in a nice looking bag and you are ready for a good gift to present. We love to have good clothes in our wardrobe and I think every one does.

Personalized Collage frame

Personalized gifts are always good to be presented as they carry some great value. I know you might be thinking that making a personalized collage frame will take a lot of time to be ready, but it is not. With in an hour you can make a nice big collage frame. What all you have to do is, find out some good pictures of that person ( you can use his/her social page to find pictures. After collecting some good pictures give to the Personalized gifting shop, tell them how you want to make it and within half an hour you can get it done.

Gift for his wrist

You can present a branded watch to that person, if you have good budget. It also wont take much time to find a good watch. Just make sure that the brand is of his/her choice.

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