Living as a couple is one of the aspects that generates a lot of expectation, we are filled with emotion and we can not see the time to be together in the new home , go shopping, cook and fully enjoy all the moments of our lives , but it is true that we also have some ignorance, because it is a stage to discover, full of challenges , changes and above all of a lot of patience.

Choosing correctly our life partner is one of the most important decisions we must make. But,  how to know if we are compatible ?. Taking as a reference a study by the Spanish writer Borja Vilaseca, we have created the four A’s of affinity with your partner , do not miss one of them!

Lagus Media

Photo: Lagus Media

First A: Physical Attraction

Do you have a prototype of a person you’ve always liked madly? Have you ever wondered why we feel so much attraction? What happens in our body? Biologically we perceive elements that call our attention and our senses react and we begin to produce phenylethylamine  (substance produced in our brain) in response to the presence of pheromones in the environment, this translates into joy , euphoria and some anxiety. It is also activated when we eat chocolate!

Photography: La Fabrica

Photography: La Fabrica

Physical compatibility comes first , but it is not all clear, it will depend on more variables. It is important to know how we feel with ourselves and with our partner and how much connection is reached in sexual relationships , as these are one of the aspects that generate physical and emotional fullness. Reinforce the bond and reveal how well our relationship is going.

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Second A: Affectivity

Our second A has to do with emotional affinity . How much do I enjoy caresses, hugs and kisses? What feelings do we experience when we are with the person we choose? It is normal that when you are with your partner you want him to consent, to touch your hair , and you like to feel his smell, and his strong arms. To know if you are compatible in this aspect, think about how much you feel your affection and how much tenderness and sensitivity emerge . Consider if you feel fully grateful to be with that person. Do not stop reading the realities that couples discover when they are going to live together .

Valeria Duque Photography

Photo: Valeria Duque Photography

Third A: Friendship

Friendship is vital and it also helps us determine intellectual compatibility. You know you can trust your partner , tell him your joys, your worries and cry when necessary. You realize that they like to talk about different topics , almost always go to the same plans, share hobbies and know that we do not need to have another person to have a great time. It is true that there may be plans that he likes more or vice versa, but you know that the company and the support is important. There are no boring silences and there is total complicity. You feel that you work as a teamand that it is not necessary to tell you things because with a look you already realize what is happening. You laugh with your partner, enjoy plans with friends and feel comfortable holding hands wherever they go. Know the promises that every couple should make: You will be surprised!

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Photo: La Vida Alegre

Fourth A: Spiritual affinity

Each human being has a raison d’être and beliefs and values ​​that govern his life . It is important to verify that we share this with our partner, it is vital that there is a same direction, since life is a learning path , to enjoy to the fullest and also to know how to face difficult moments. It is essential to choose the right life partner, to share your principles , or at least that your priorities and yours are consistent. So there will be respect and motivation. When we are committed to grow personally, and our partner accompanies us in that process, there is a mutual growth and coexistence will be easier. In conflicts there is a dialogue and a concrete solution, there is freedom and honesty. Judgment and lack of tolerance will be avoided as much as possible.


Photo: PhotooLove

Put a score to each of the aforementioned aspects, what is the result? Have you been able to ensure that they  share many aspects in common or if you have much to improve with your partner? Remember that compatibility is necessary , we can not live only from a physical attraction, marriage is a total connection , is to give our whole being to love another. We recommend you keep in mind these  key questions that all couples that are about to marry should be made , and the best tips so  that living together as a couple is a total success!

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