We return to the blog! And we do it to give you advice on how to camp in the snow (or how to survive a snowfall in the middle of an adventure with your tent and your sleeping bag ). At this time of year, winter, depending on which places you go to, can be unpredictable. If you have gone out looking for the snow on purpose or if you find it by accident and you have no choice but to camp, you should follow these basic tips to stay safe. Let’s go there!

1. Flee areas with lots of snow

Okay, yes, “flee areas with lots of snow” in the middle of a snowfall could not make much sense. But if you take a look around you will see areas where the snow has not covered too much surface , and if it has not snowed yet, examine the ground for a few minutes to help you predict where less snow may accumulate. That’s where you should plant your tent.

2. Equip your store

After setting up your tent you should equip it well to make it a good shelter against the cold, both outside and inside. Using stores of insulating material is the best option, and using more layers (such as the advances, canvas or raffia) to put them on will also help you isolate your “refuge”. Inside, always have blankets and thermal and dry clothes by hand . Why dry? A little further down in this text we explain it to you.

3. Keep your body and your food warm

How to keep your body warm? To start, take the logical elements to get it: thermal clothing, blankets, spare underwear, etc. In short, you must put onion mode and carry more layers than normal. The cold does not forgive and the clothes you wear will be your best ally. But, in addition, to maintain a good temperature it will also be necessary for you to feed yourself correctly. Of course, it will always be better for your food to be hot , so you should take containers that maintain the temperature of both liquids and solid foods.

4. Avoid wet clothes

We talked about this when we gave you advice to camp in cold areas or where it rains on a regular basis. The humidity, although it does not seem it, must be in the top-5 of your enemies in cold zones . If you have wet some garment during the day and you have not managed to dry it, change. Keeping wet or damp clothes on can play a trick on you . It is better to spend 15 seconds of cold while you change your clothes than to suffer the annoying (disturbing) consequences of wearing wet or damp clothes in the middle of the snow.

5. Do not tire yourself

Seriously, try not to get tired. It may seem obvious advice, but when it comes to protecting your body and keeping you in good condition, it’s good to repeat advice that, a priori, we all have in mind. And it is that cold by itself fatigue our bodies and our minds . Therefore, it is important to control well the breaks, feeding and stay lucid and alert permanently.Tags camping snow camping advance clothing moisture tips champ outdoors

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