Racing heart, trembling hands, “butterflies” in the stomach, concentration levels  low, uncontrollable desire to be with a particular person and  to share much longer  are just some of the symptoms: be madly in love!

Photo: GlebStock via Shutterstock

Photo: GlebStock via Shutterstock

In our opinion falling in love is something simple and complex at the same time , we have thousands of emotions that we like to feel, but at the same time they frighten us, because we believe that this wonderful stage can be hurt or it can end some day.  Look at the determining reasons to fall head over heels before the age of 30 .

Helen Fisher , an anthropologist  at Rutgers University , says falling in love is a unique and well-defined time period . When we take another step and want to form a home with our partner , we long to love that same person forever, that nobody or anything interrupts us happiness.

D Zuleta Wedding Photography

Photo: D Zuleta Wedding Photography

On the other hand, our family and friends warn us that there will be a new challenge that we will have to face, this is: coexistence . How to achieve it successfully? You may be interested in reading about the advice of Pope Francis for a happy marriage .

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1. Value their virtues

When you are in love, the concept of your partner is perfect , his physical appearance, his personality, among others, for that reason you do not perceive anything bad in that person. With the passage of time you can begin to see their shortcomings , therefore and to live better, it is necessary that you see the best of him again, that  you have patienceand also that you express with your words and actions how important it is for you . Tell him the times that are necessary: I love you and I value you!

2. Work as a team                  

One of the aspects that in the new life of married will have to face, is to build both a life project. Working around this will allow them to go towards the same goal and feel that they share dreams and goals, not that each one seeks their own well-being. Discover the reasons for getting married young is a very good idea .

Camilo Álvarez Wedding Photographer

Photo: Camilo Álvarez Wedding Photographer

3. Overcome the difficulties

During the courtship it is most likely that, when they argued, they left the problems unresolved and in a sporadic moment, one of them gave in to find a solution. Now in marriage you will have to face the difficulties and solve them immediately. Learning to overcome the crisis leaving pride aside and based on dialogue  will be key to live in peace. Find out what science thinks about marriage vs living without marriage .

Photo: Wavebreakmedia via Shutterstock

Photo: Wavebreakmedia via Shutterstock

4. Appreciate what you have

To come to feel full living under one roof, has to do with the fact that there is gratitude for having each other . Start giving each day the best of themselves instead of claiming and comparing what their lives were like before they got married.

5. Change the way of communicating

Renewing the way we express ourselves will be key to success. Remove from your vocabulary words that may hurt your partner and thereby generate possible conflicts. For example: “If you already knew how I am, why did you marry me? “, Replace it with:” you know how I feel, come and try to solve this situation “.

Xpress Books I Christian Cardona

Photo: Xpress Books I Christian Cardona

6. Forgive

It sounds a little like a box sentence, but forgiving will give you freedom and allow you to understand yourself better in your new home. It will make you feel more sure every day that you have chosen the right person, bring health to your life and your relationship . The most important thing of forgiveness is forgetting, because it is no good to be reproaching again and again the mistakes made. Discover the new trend of coexistence in a LAT couple, you will be surprised!

Diana Hernandez Photography

Photo: Diana Hernandez Photography

7. Be loyal

Loyalty is never to turn your back on your partner , to fulfill with gratitude all the promises you made at the altar and not let passing emotions cause you to lose everything you have already gained with him.

8. Reinvent each day

Surprise every day with those details that you know fall in love with . Rewrite a love letter, prepare a romantic night, dedicate a song . Do not let daily occupations make your living something routine.

D Zuleta Wedding Photography

Photo: D Zuleta Wedding Photography

9. Listen

This is one of the most difficult aspects , learning to listen is one of the virtues that few people manage to achieve.This is necessary for a better relationship, it will mean putting aside our stubbornness and  valuing the opinion of the other .

10. Accept the differences

When the fascination of falling in love is overcome, there will be differences that can turn into disagreements that seem to have no solution. We must make an effort to listen, as we mentioned before, and also to communicate . The healthy couple is not the one that never fights, it is the one that learns to accept that they are different and takes advantage of that to grow together. Discover the appointments you must have with your partner before you get married .

Photo via Shutterstock

Photo via Shutterstock

Falling in love is easy , emotions are wonderful, but everything changes when you have to  maintain  love even when sometimes we can not understand each other. Think that it is necessary to divest ourselves of our prejudices , insecurities and fears in order to achieve a lasting coexistence . You may be interested in reading about the things you should be doing if you are ready one day before the wedding . 

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