‘Miss!’ , try to hear it with mom’s voice, ‘Do you have everything ready?’  The question that was annoying in other times today has a validity that you can not miss; in a very short time and no one else, except for some clueless who does not see the ring, will call you that; From now on, for everyone, you will be a lady. But the idea is that the day you remove the diminutive expression that is used to communicate with you, you are absolutely calm and live like a princess: that you lack nothing and are absolutely confident that everything is ready. This is what should be ready a day before the wedding. We start!


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1. Your wedding dress and accessories

Did we say a day earlier? Better think of three. You have gone through times that have put stress on your body and if an arrangement is necessary, a day before it could be too late. So try everything you’re going to wear that day, from the crown to the shoes. Remember that a cautious woman is worth two. And if you have not yet chosen the dress for your big day, you have to know the next gallery of wedding dresses 2018 , you’re sure to find yours!

Josué Bonilla Wedding Photographer

Photo: Josué Bonilla Wedding Photographer

2. Nails! 

A day before seems to be the perfect time. Do not want to see the same day waiting for the nails to dry or ruining them in the middle of any effort, much less want the dress to be affected by a false move, right? The idea is that they arrive intact, so giving yourself a longer term may not be very beneficial.

Ana Vallejo Photography

Photo: Ana Vallejo Photography

3. The car in which you will arrive at the church

Perhaps it is a family member who is in charge of this. But make sure he has taken charge. The advantage of having  wedding planner , is that your role will be responsible for verifying that this is also on wheels: that you wait in time at the door of your house, that has fuel and has no damage. The idea of ​​the groom waiting for you in anguish or of being the girlfriend at the gas station does not convince you much, right? You could also count on the contracted transport service and let them take care! You may be interested in knowing the most original cars for your arrival at the church .

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4. Depilation

Those who already have a permanent hair removal deserve applause. Those that do not, please, do not leave this task for less than three days before the wedding. Less time can mean that horrible red color on your skin that neither the makeup nor the editing programs used by photographers can disguise forever . In any case, prefer the wax. So that you arrive without cuts to your wedding.

Diego Alzate

Photo: Diego Alzate

5. The suitcase for the honeymoon

Maybe it’s better that you have it ready two days before. On the day of the wedding, early, you check it and you notice that you do not miss anything. Then you go and put it next to the door or you designate the person in charge of the suitcase of the honeymoon. The important thing is that when you and your boyfriend go out to the airport, the suitcase is at hand and you have the peace of mind that there is everything you need.

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Photo: Gabo and Mafe Photography

6. The emergency kit

One wants that the important days are perfect, but it can happen that they are not like that. So if you did not pay for a make-up retouching option, it’s best to have an emergency kit on hand that you can use in any eventuality. You can guide yourself through these suggestions: Emergency kit to preserve your look on the day of the wedding. What you should not miss!

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Photo: People For Pictures

7. Confirm the agenda with your Wedding Planner

Sure you will have details to be specified. The guest who calls at the last minute never says that he can not be the caller to ask if he can go with his new girlfriend. So all these details have to be known by the person who is in charge of organizing your wedding. What did you need to tell him? Do you have any questions yet? Is there something that occurred to you at the last minute? Well, this is the day to finalize details and be very clear about what is going to happen the next day, do you already have your  wedding planner ?, because if not, here are the best of Medellin .

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Learn more about “Lina Vargas by Lica Creativa”Photo: Prisma Producciones for Lina Vargas by Lica Creativa

8. Last details with your photographer

Especially if you have a destination wedding. If you are not going to travel together, make sure you arrive before the celebration and discuss in advance any ideas you may have for the photographs prior to the ceremony. The day of the wedding you will not have head for that, so at least a day before it will be good to make that clear so that nothing will be forgotten. Do not miss the best wedding photographers in Bogotá or the best wedding photographers in Medellín .

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That you do not leave anything in the pipeline, that you are not going through uncomfortable moments due to lack of foresight , that you are completely calm on the day of your celebration and that you do not have at any time in your head a voice that says: ‘ I told you, miss . ‘ If there are other aspects of your wedding that you want to leave prepared in advance, we recommend you read about how to organize a wedding in 8 steps .

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