Who do not you steal a smile with a gift? This gift list will be useful for any event that is presented, be it your birthday, anniversary, Christmas or a gift without apparent celebration. In any case, it is a list of very useful gifts.

Who do not you steal a smile with a gift? This list of gifts for your partner will be useful for any event that is presented, be it his birthday, the anniversary, at Christmas or a gift without apparent celebration. In any case, they are very useful and you will love them. These are the 25 gifts that from  Zankyou we suggest you can give to your average orange. What are you waiting for to surprise your partner?

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1. A getaway weekend

A big present!  What better plan than to spend a different weekend, alone, in a dream destination or simply in a place just for both of you. Giving this type of experience is always liked by everyone. Maybe these 10 places in the world inspire you for that romantic getaway .

2. Your favorite beverage (wine, beer, etc.)

But not a bottle that you can get at the corner store. Get that bottle that is exclusive, a premium version of the beer you like the most, or the bottle of special whiskey you so enjoy. And if you collect them, you would totally succeed.

3. Jewels or watches

It’s not to scare you! The great advantage of a jewel or a watch is that they can be adapted to all kinds of budgets and are designed for all styles. There are millions of types of jewelry and watches. Be sure to select a fine piece that matches the personality of your partner. It’s no use giving her a big jewel or a nice watch, if you know she will not use it. For them, there are also several options to give .

4. Love notes in a jar

It may sound a little cheesy, but this type of detail encourages the heart a lot , no matter how ‘bland’ it may seem. Being able to read a different message that was born from the heart of your heart, will make us happy and very happy. In addition to the messages, you can place activities that you have programmed with your partner , such as ‘such a day’ eating an ice cream or going to a picnic or the cinema.

5. A space full of bombs

Arriving and finding your room or the garden full of bombs can make almost everyone thrill. Your face of happiness will be unique and you will be infinitely grateful that you have that kind of detail. Details like these, that impress us since childhood, will surely move emotional fibers and make your partner happy.

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6. Do all the chores of the house

All people’s dream!  That your partner does all the domestic chores is by far unimaginable. A surprise with all of the law. Doing everything without you noticing  and a surprised face when you get home, will make it all worthwhile. The best? It does not cost you anything … and you will only receive smiles and lots of kisses.

7. A personalized story

With giving an illustration, a caricature, or a comic,  your partner will be speechless.  It is a way to treasure your love story and remember forever that moment together or an unforgettable trip.

8. Pastry for a day

Putting on your apron may not be anything special. But, if you dare to  prepare a special meal , it is really nice (and more if you almost never do it). Although it is simple, or poorly made, surely your partner will thank you for the intention and will keep the unforgettable moment of flour and sugar of the whole kitchen in your mind.

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9. A book / CD signed by your favorite artist

A good book / CD is always a good gift. And what’s more, if you can have an artist’s dedication. Treasure that precious gift like a jewel . Do not stop reading the 20 things that all couples must do at least once in their lives .

10. An album of memories

You can surprise your partner with a small book of memories of a trip together or a casual walk they have had, reminding them of that special moment they lived together and the emotions that accompanied them. You do not know how excited he will be!

11. Choose beautiful lingerie

Yes, this is a gift for him and for her. Choose with care and delicacy a sexy set for a night of love and passion, will make you feel unique and desired she or she can choose to surprise you in a night of passion. For them, a set of underwear from your brand and favorite styles will also look great . We recommend you read the  reasons for making love every day .

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12. Entries to an expected event

If your partner has been waiting for the concert of their favorite band for years or play that has more desire to see is visiting the city, give her the tickets to that dream event. You will surely surprise him!

13. Perfume before finishing the previous one

When you notice your favorite perfume is running out, go ahead and cómpraselo before your partner can do, it is a detail that will surprise you . He appreciated that you be expecting those little details and notice how something as simple as buying the preferred fragrance will take more than a smile on his face.

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14. Total relaxation in a spa

And who does not like this type of gift? Being able to relax in a spa circuit is a gift that anyone would like your partner to give you. Whether they go together or not, those minutes of relaxation that you will have, will be a treasure and you will undoubtedly appreciate it.

15. Hotel night

You do not need to travel to another country to surprise her (it). If you book a night in the best hotel in the city with a romantic dinner, it will be enough to strengthen ties. They will enjoy it and they will remember it with a lot of love. An incredible option, especially if you’re getting married and you’re thinking about your wedding night, Movich Casa del Alférez Hotel has it  thanks to the sophistication and style of its facilities.

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16. Course of your favorite hobbie

A cooking course? A crafts course? A French course? Some tennis lessons? Whatever your hobbie, you will always want to sign up for any course that goes on the market. You will enjoy your gift so much that you will be grateful for it all your life. How much compatibility do you have with your partner? Discover it!

17. Breakfast in bed

That image that is repeated in many movies. We like that all!  Getting up and having breakfast in bed is a dream. Prepare those scrambled eggs that make her so much lick her fingers or that toast with jam that she loves so much, you will triumph as a couple.

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18. A night helicopter trip

Can you imagine an adventure how is it? Your partner is not sure! To contemplate the city at night in its entirety is a magical and unforgettable plan. Remind her once again how much you love her from above, it is the most romantic gift you can give her. Mind you , forget it if you are afraid of heights , it could be very unpleasant.

19. We will always have Paris

Romantics or not, we would all like to know the city of love one day. Arrive and surprise your partner with some tickets to Paris , it will leave you speechless for a few minutes. Nothing like a surprise how are you so that your partner is even more in love.

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20. A tattoo with something that means something to both of you

EYE! Tattooing involves knowing that at least it is for life. So you must be aware of the step that is going to take and be sure of it. Propose it is a safety sample and you want to seal with something as important as a tattoo. It would be perfect!

21. A complete ‘pint’

Arriving with the purchase of a spectacular pint, which you know will suit your partner perfectly and that will look happy, is a magnificent gift. You can take it in a box and put it in your room or hang it on the door of the room so that when you get up you will see it. It’s a perfect idea! Of course, you must know your tastes and your size very well.

22. A pet to care for both

If you are a pet or plant lover, some of the two gifts will enchant you. Buying a dog as a pet would excite you a lot and would take care of it as nobody does, or if you prefer a plant it will irrigate and consent every day. A gift that will always remind you.

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23. A message on the bathroom glass

We know that getting out of bed to go to work can often be an ordeal. We arrived half asleep to bathe and almost did not open our eyes, but, if we enter we find a small and simple message in the mirror , at least a smile will get us out.

24. Go shopping and surprise your partner by giving them something

There is nothing better than going out shopping together, and if in the middle of shopping you see that she loved some shoes and unexpectedly you tell her to take them, that you give them to her. He will adore you forever!

25. A love letter in handwriting

We do not usually have demonstrations of love of this style anymore, but we would all like our partner to give us some tender and loving words in a letter made entirely by hand. We will save it all our lives!

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It is the small gestures that matter most and here you have 25 material and non-material gifts to surprise your partner.  Oh! And remember, if the gift is for her, often the flowers have a greater impact when it is not a special date! Surprise her when she least expects it and is very aware of the days when her days become complicated.

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