The cruises have become a way to travel to suit the tastes and needs of each passenger. That is why, those who seek to enjoy an experience as a couple , will have on board all the necessary seasonings to spend some incredible days combining different emotions.

Is that cruises, real floating cities, offer different services to enjoy two and turn that getaway into a romantic getaway. Because romance does not only have to do with the destinations to visit, which of course are important, but with the entire stay on the ship that begins when you board.

In this way, although much depends on the amenities and services offered by each boat and each company , some of the options that most share are those of enjoying breakfasts inside the cabin, in privacy, or doing it on the deck appreciating the visual of the open sea, the open air and the sun on the faces.

In addition, the varied gastronomic offer that includes a night of glamor to pure glamor or the possibility of preparing a romantic and private dinner (generally with an extra cost) are details that will not be missing during the cruise.

But the food is not everything and, within the possibilities, there is the one of enjoying the relaxation in couple in the wellness centers or spas that the boats possess. Treatments, therapeutic massages, sauna, Turkish bath, beauty treatments and jacuzzi are some of the things you can enjoy. For a relaxing day, dedicated to the body and, why not, to the mind.

And if the body is treated, some prefer the action. For that, the gym and dance classes are a good option to share some time together. Yes, because for some, this can also become a romantic option, where you can enjoy an activity of two.

During the day, in addition, passengers can enjoy the pool, drinking, eating or participating in the activities organized there. Or, why not, go shopping for the stores that exist on board, watch a movie, appreciate a play or listen to a concert. Others will prefer a night at the casino, a themed party or dance all night on the cruise disc. The possibilities are many and extend 24 hours a day. Because every moment is perfect to be together.

The cruise for the honeymoon

Increasingly chosen as a travel option by newlyweds , in addition to everything said above, companies and travel agencies usually offer honeymoon packageswith some details so that these couples feel unique, cared for and surrounded of the most romantic atmosphere.

In this way, before making the reservation it will be convenient to let the agency know that it is a honeymoon so that the necessary preparations for the occasion are made. 
Thus, and always depending on the company, the offer for newlyweds can include flowers, wine or champagne welcome in the cabin, a special breakfast, massages, a different decoration, photographs or souvenirs such as shirts or caps.

But if you do not hire any special package, the member of the couple who wants to surprise your love, may pay an extra price for certain services such as a restaurant à la carte, shore excursions, cabin service 24 hours, movies a la carte in the comfort of the cabin and even special breakfasts.

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