Are you in a search of some cheap birthday gift ideas. Do you have a very low gift budget to spend on for someone’s birthday. You don’t have some good ideas of cheap birthday gifts that can come under your budget. Don’t worry here comes the savior for you, the god send me to help you out. LOL, kidding. Jokes apart, here I will give you some amazing gift ideas that can surely come under your budget, also they are very valuable gifts.

Gifting somebody is a hell of a task, especially when you have a tight budget and if the person for whom you are hunting for a birthday gift is really a close one, then you cannot simply buy them off the street stuff just for the sake of completing the formality. This kind of gesture might hurt your loved one and I know that is the last thing you would want to do! Do not panic because I am going to guide you through this tricky situation in such a way you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings and nor exploit your budget. Here’s a list of all the cheap yet classy birthday gifts which you can give to your loved one without worrying about your budget:

List of Cheap gift ideas

I know you might be finding it difficult to search around all cheap gifts that can come under your budget. So keeping this in mind, for your convenience I have explored all gift web shops and portal to find some awesome gifts that can come under your budget. They are are hardly a few dollars. These are certainly some amazing gift that you can get in very less cost and you can gift these items to anybody.

IMusic pillow

A soft pillow which has in built speakers so that your loved one can drift off to a peaceful and sound sleep. This 15 dollar pillow is best for people who suffer from tinnitus as the soft music will create the perfect background for them to go to a sound sleep.


This is not a normal diary in fact, this diary has all the questions you wanted to know about your loved one, but somehow have never got an opportunity to ask them. Gift them this diary which costs $12 and ask them to give it to you once they have completed it.

Eye zone Massager

All of us have jobs which require us to sit in front of the computers for long hours. This massager will help the eyes to get relaxed without any efforts because all you got to do is to just put it on and you feel the massaging effect on your eyes. This massager comes at a reasonable price of $15.


You can gift your lady love these lovely heart shaped candles or even better light these candles on your room to make the perfect setting for romance. At the cost of $5 these candles will surely not affect your budget at all.

Body wash

Gift them this fun and exciting body wash, which comes in many interesting fragrances and a durable sponge in the shape of a toast. This is the kind of gift anybody would love to have and at the price of mere $7 it is totally worth it.

Head Massager

In today’s hectic lifestyle everybody is under a lot of stress so this massager is a blessing in disguise as it is extremely light and can be done by your own self to reduce your stress. Priced at $5 this is one thoughtful and cheap gift.

Sudoku cube

Everyone from kids to grownups is addicted to this brain teaser game. You can gift your loved one this $6 Sudoku cube which they can carry wherever they want to and can play whenever they are free.

Smart glove

In a country like USA gloves are required to handle the extremely cold winters, but to use the phone you would be required to take them off. These smart gloves priced at 8 dollars solves your, problem as with them you don’t need to remove them in order to operate your iPhone.


Pens are always seen as decent gifting options. Price range of pens can vary from 2$ to thousands. You can select it from your appropriate range. And believe me, the one whom you gift, this is going to love this.


It’s once again, something that every person likes. It too falls in a wide range of availability as well as price range. Select the one according to the personality of a person and he/she is going to enjoy the sweetness of your emotions.

Engraved gifts

These personalized gifts are very cheap but can actually win anyone’s heart with the personalized touch of it. You can get the message and the name of the person engraved with anything cute. Such as a heart, pen or wood.

Personalized photo mug

This is something that can’t be denied. No one would dare to use it, but treasure it like some heavenly gift. A personalized mug is really a worth gift to present anyone and on any occasion. They are amazing, fun and makes you smile. You can make a personalized mug under very low cost. I would recommend you to gift to a personalized mug when you have low budget. You can also find few more customized gifting ideas.

Homemade gifts

If your gift budget is really very low then you can also go for homemade gifts. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive gifts you can make many things at home, here are few ideas.

So we have presented you a long list of cheap birthday gifts. These gifts can actually please your loved ones and not even heavy on your pocket.

For more ideas

This was it from my side, I have listed some of the cheapest birthday gift ideas for you. I hope you have liked few of the ideas from this list. If you still want some more gift ideas that are very cheap yet amazing, you can discuss with us in the comment section by leaving your comment.

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