Men have a (sometimes well deserved) reputation for being difficult when buying something for them. The pressure doubles when you’re trying to figure out what to give your boyfriend for his birthday. No matter how impossible it may seem, every bride is more than capable of getting her boyfriend a birthday present that she will love.

Part 1: Feel the gift

  1. Think about your boyfriend’s hobbies and interests. What do you do in your free time? What do you read or watch videos about? What do you spend your money on? Thinking about these types of questions will give you a great start to choose the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Anything that helps you get those things will surely make you smile.
    • Put yourself in your shoes. Think about what he could buy for himself if he had the money and wanted to give himself a gift. Often, people who do this usually give the gifts that the recipient likes the most compared to people who do not try to see things from another point of view.
  2. Listen to get clues. He knows his birthday is coming and that you are obligated to give him something as good as you can. He will probably try to help you by releasing some clues in your everyday conversations. Expect to hear tracks approximately three or four weeks before your birthday. If you play a song several times, it is certainly something you should investigate further.
    • Depending on the personality of your boyfriend, these clues can be subtle. He is not going to go directly to tell you that he would really like someone to give him the collection edition of his favorite movie series. If it’s more reserved, it’s much more likely to say something like “I saw that collection box came out a few weeks ago, it looked great!”
  3. Ask your friends and family. He may feel more comfortable talking about what he wants for his birthday with his friends and family. Talk to them when your boyfriend is not around to find out if they have any ideas that could help. If you decide to go for something they mentioned, be sure to ask them to keep the secret.
  4. Check with your own group of friends. It is likely that your boyfriend is close to your group of friends. If you feel stressed about giving your boyfriend a gift he loves, ask your friends for some advice. They will be able to give you useful information about the types of gifts that your boyfriends have appreciated and what could be a good option to give to yours.
  5. Ask your boyfriend for some ideas. Not everyone can be psychic when it comes to knowing what people want for their birthday. If you feel exhausted and can’t think of anything good, just ask your boyfriend for some suggestions. He won’t mind if you need some of his help. In fact, the gifts that people ask for often end up being the most appreciated.
    • Do not ask for something specific. Try to get him to tell you that he wants some nice winter accessories instead of telling him that he wants a wool hat with red and gray squares from a specific store. Fill in the gaps with what you know about your boyfriend, this way you will give him something special that he loves.

Part 2: Plan the gift

  1. Set a budget. Calculate how much you can reasonably pay for your boyfriend’s gift. Be strict about it and don’t look for anything that exceeds your budget. Contrary to popular belief, the monetary value of a gift does not have a great impact on how much the recipient will enjoy it. In fact, recipients enjoy cheap gifts as much as expensive ones, as long as both are special to them.
    • Consider the time you have been with your boyfriend. If they have been dating for six months or less, don’t give them something expensive, even if you can easily afford it. You don’t know how long the relationship will last. If in the end they are together for a long time, you will have many more birthdays to surprise you.
    • You may be able to get more for the money you pay if you buy something refurbished or on sale. This is a good idea especially if you are thinking of buying an electronic item. Most of the time they come with a guarantee, and your boyfriend probably doesn’t care or doesn’t realize that someone used it a little before him.
  2. Do some research on your hobbies and interests. If you don’t know much about what your boyfriend does to spend time, then do some research. In an hour you can learn a lot on the Internet. Spend some time searching about your hobbies and interests, and read anything that talks about them. Visit any website dedicated to fans and enthusiasts, and see what’s new in those fields.
    • You may have to take into account their level of experience and knowledge when you think about the gift. If your boyfriend rides skate since he learned to walk, it makes no sense to give him a board for beginners that he will probably hate riding. At the same time, it makes no sense to give him an expensive fishing rod if he has only gone fishing two or three times in his life.
    • If you are stuck, ask people with similar interests for help. There are communities on the Internet for almost any hobby imaginable. Find forums and other groups dedicated to discussing something your boyfriend likes to do. Create an account and explain your situation. Members are likely to give you useful advice that will guide you to give your boyfriend something he will love.
    • You can find lists that say something like “10 excellent gifts for a guy who loves to walk.” These can be useful, but sometimes they are just a marketing tool to sell things. If you get an idea of ​​a list like this, try to find some real comments to see if it’s worth it or not.
  3. Think of some practical gifts or that have a sentimental meaning. As long as your gift fits into one of those categories, he will appreciate it. It should not be just an addition to your collection of things. It must be something you are going to really use or something that when you see it reminds you of the happy moments you shared together.
    • Do not limit yourself to products. Sometimes, experiences can be a better gift. Make a video of all your friends and family sharing your favorite memories of your boyfriend. Schedule an activity that you know he will enjoy and that they can do together. He may not be able to show his gift as he would with something physical, but it will have much more meaning to him.
    • Stay away from the typical bad gifts. It can be tempting to give your boyfriend something like a tie or a shaving kit on his birthday. Makes sense; These are common and obvious answers to the question of what is a good gift for a boyfriend. Actually, these gifts are threshed. If it looks like a gift stereotype from a girlfriend, consider other options unless you’re sure you’ll love that.
  4. Reduce it to a single idea. Many people make the mistake of getting a great gift and smaller ones for their loved ones. Is easy to see why. After all, is not always better? In fact, giving small gifts along with a large main gift will make the main gift seem less special. Try harder in one gift instead of many

Part 3: Give your boyfriend a birthday present

  1. Prepare it well in advance. Few things are as stressful as not knowing if your gift will be ready in time for your boyfriend’s birthday. Start a couple of weeks before to make sure everything is fine. Check the time it will take to get your orders online. Do not forget that, occasionally, products are damaged or defective, so you will have to return them.
  2. Keep it as a surprise. If you know a friend of yours or your boyfriend who can ruin the surprise, do not tell him what you will give your boyfriend for his birthday. Give your boyfriend some clues if you want, but nothing specific enough to help him guess what you will give him. He will appreciate your gift more if you don’t expect it.
  3. Pay attention to the presentation. A beautiful presentation will make your boyfriend excited to open the gift he has been waiting for. If you will give him something that can be wrapped, make sure that the wrapping paper and the bow complement each other, and that the gift is carefully wrapped. If you will give him something that is written on a card, choose a card that he likes and strive to make the handwriting look good.
  4. Add a reflective note. Talk about why you care about him and why you thought he would like the gift. Even if it is not perfect, it has been proven that the old saying “the intention is what counts” is true. People appreciate the gifts that have cost a lot of money and effort in planning as much as the gifts they have been asking for for months. As long as you try a little and get a little closer to what you want, you will love it.
    • Write something simple if they have been together for a few months. It’s a little awkward that you talk about him as if he were your world if they don’t know each other for a long time. Talk about how much fun you have together, but don’t put too much pressure on it.

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