I know you are damn curious to find out some of the best birthday gift ideas for your wife, Am i right?

Don’t worry i can understand this situation where you literally feel blank or confused as what to gift and also what to plan for the occasion. In this article, I will give everything you need to know for making your wife’s birthday memorable.

12 Best wife birthday gift ideas for you

I think presenting some gifts to her will not be enough, you need to do some activities or make out some plans that will make this day memorable. Here are few birthday ideas for wife that you can try.

Make a video on her life

Make a video containing the timeline of her life. Since the day she was born up until now. The more picture you can collect, the better. At least one for each year.

Make it in a form of story. Like a mini biography of her. Mention a few important events that happened on that particular year as you traverse through each year of her life.

You can make it a more fun by showing the future in it. Like, how on her 35th birthday she will have children (if she don’t have until now) and you’ll take her to a world tour on her 40th birthday. Show her the future that she might dream off and promise her that you’ll work hard to bring everything, shown in that video, to life. I believe that this will be one of a good birthday present for your wife.

Gift a “surprise” trip

If there is a place she would like to visit, sort of a dream destination, or a place she loves. Take her on a surprise trip there. How to make this a surprise trip? Give her a nice birthday party, call her friends and family. Make sure you throw this party at someone else’s place.

While, you party, ask someone close to pack all her clothes and the things she might need. If she is a working woman, you should talk to her boss in advance about the surprise trip and ask for leave permission.
You should also take care of everything in advance. From milkman to newspaper boy. Make a list of everything you can think of. Book tickets. Book hotel.

So, after the party, you act, as if, you are driving her back home, but instead take her to the airport where someone will be waiting for you with all the bags and stuff. Wait for the moment when she finally realizes what you have been up to. It will be a birthday to remember.

Learn how to give a “body massage”

On this birthday, instead of gifting her a trip to a nice spa, learn the art of massaging yourself. First of all, I believe a gift is more valuable if more effort is put into it. Of course, this isn’t a last minute gift but if you have enough time you can give it a try.

You don’t even have to go to an institute to learn it. You can read books, read articles, watch videos and maybe consult a professional. Whatever you, do you have to become really good at that art. To practise it with people close to you to get a hold of it. Just a tip, try avoiding practicing massage on beautiful women who aren’t related to you.

So, give an awesome start to her birthday with the help of this newly learnt art. Tell her how you have spent so much time to learn it. And, the best thing about it, is, knowledge and skill once acquired cannot be lost or stolen from you. It is a very good way to bond, every time she gets mad at you, you can make up by giving her massages. For rest of your life.

Gift her a career

*Note– This is only applicable when your wife is not working.

Is there any career that your wife wanted to pursue? But, that dream couldn’t come to reality. Now, there is a chance for you to give your wife’s life a new meaning. On this birthday of her, gift her education and a second chance.

It is very important for a woman to be independent because no matter how big the insurance amount is, it will sooner or later run out. If she would have good education, then better job opportunities will be in her basket. If we don’t even talk about the worst case scenario, in any case, having a career makes a person more confident, it gives a meaning and a purpose to life.

Not only you pay for her education but also encourage her. Promise her that you take care of the her responsibilities at home, so that she can study and find a career. This might be the best gift you can give her.

Gift her a Star

Did the heading gave you a shock? It is true to some extent. Actually, you can’t actually gift a star to someone. But, there are companies and organization available in the market that provide services of naming a star after someone. And, this service is cheaper than you might expect. You’ll get a certificate with her name on it.

On this birthday, name a star after her. Imagine the look on her face when she will find out that there exist a star that has a name after her. I’ll bet you 100 bucks she won’t be able to guess it, even if you give her a million chances.

Gift her a custom made dress

You can easily walk into a mall or a showroom and buy her very nice clothes that she would love to wear, but the only
problem with this, is the level of effort you are putting into it is negligible.

But, if you gift her clothes specially made for her then that is a different case. If you are a little artistic and you are ok-ok with sketching. You can make a dress for her(on paper). And, pay someone else to make it. It is all about creativity and how much you can push the envelope.

In case, you don’t think there is a little Pablo Picasso or Versace in you, then you can of course sit with a
designer and collaborate to make a little masterpiece for your wife. If you are not very high on cash, you can find a fashion designing student. They won’t ask for same fees, as a professional will do.

This might take some effort or might be a little more expensive than others, but it is “THE GIFT”.

Cook food for her and let her relax

She cooks food for you each and every day. Work so hard to make your family a happy family. So this is the best time you can show how much you love her, you can make her realize how important part of your life she is.

So, for this you can at least spend a day to help her out. You can cook food for her and do some household work that she do each and every day. You can make her sit and relax. I think this is one of the best birthday ideas for your wife to try. She will definitely get touched by this.

Here are few easy meals you can make in minutes.

Spend time with her

Leave all your work at least for a day so that you can spend time with your wife. Talk to her, listen to her for the whole day, by this, she will feel very special.

Take her out for shopping

It is so obvious that any man can tell that “ Women love shopping”. You just need to hit the right spot and women is completely impressed. You can take her for shopping and buy her whatever she want from you and don’t worry she won’t make hole in your pocket.

Plan out dinner

At the end of the day you can plan out dinner in her favorite restaurant. This will be a cherry on the cake.

Long drive for quality time

Long drive is really a wifey thing. More than men, women loves long drive with their life partners, they find it romantic. So after dinner or outing, you can take her for a long drive in the night.

Cake cutting

A birthday is incomplete without cake cutting, it is the universal thing that should happen in every birthday occasion, no matter which year you going to pass.

Plan out a small cake cutting ceremony where you can ask relatives and her friends to come for the event.


Few General Birthday gift suggestions for your wife

Flower bokeh and chocolates

Although these are not unusual gifts, yet they are a lot more valuable.So since how long you have not presented her a bokeh or since how long did you bought chocolates for her? If its too long or you really not able to remember, then this is a reminder for you. Get her a flower bokeh and chocolates on her birthday, women really loves flowers and chocolates. They find it really romantic, but you must know the art of presenting it.

Branded diamond Ring

Women are generally found to be attracted towards diamond and they really wish to have a diamond ring as a gift and when they get diamond ring from their love partner, the moment is speechless. If you cant afford to buy a diamond ring then at least gift her a branded stone ring. Like a diamond ring , there are few more perfect birthday presents for wife mentioned below.

A gift for her neck

A necklace will enhance her beauty. Buy a good necklace for her and present her in a very romantic way. You can ask her to close her eyes and you yourself put the necklace on her neck from the back. She will definitely feel touched with this gesture. This will be one of the precious gift for your wife birthday.

A branded Purse

You can present her a branded purse as women generally needs a purse to carry out their own stuff when going out.

A Perfume

Women are very rigid about hygiene and cleanliness. Generally women loves to use perfume. So , you can gift her a good fragrance perfume.

A good pair of Formal Dress ( Working Wife )

If your wife is a working women, then you can present a good pair of formal dress to her. Choose her favorite color and go for her favorite brand.

Makeup kit

Women or wives to be specific, loves to do makeup or we can say to enhance their charm they like to do makeup. So, you can gift a full makeup kit to her, she will like this gift.

They were very universal gifts that any women would be interested into, but if you are queries to find some unique gifts, then here are few options for you.

Now, if you can spend good amount of money to present an expensive gifts, then here are some more suggestions.

Her Favorite Car

This is a gift that will make her overwhelmed with happiness that you can not imagine. You can book a car for her. Imagine in the morning, door bell rings and someone from the car company wishes your wife on your behalf and show the beautiful car standing out waiting for her.

Her favorite Cell phone

Women are generally interested in gadgets, specifically mobiles. So if you think your wife also loves to have a nice expensive mobile, then her birthday occasion could be best to gift her.

A branded watch

No matter your wife is working or housewife, a watch is suitable in both the cases. So, you can buy a branded watch and present on her birthday.

10 Recommended birthday gifts for wife

Metal Glass Candle Holder

The product has been developed as a piece of art and would serve as the icon of your relationship that you have bred as a vibrant and shining one. The base has been designed in metal with floral attachments made out from crystal clear glass and metal leaves molded to form the art. The bright red color décor appeal offered in the top glass holder adds to the charm. Gift this candle holder which could be kept alongside your bed to add a glare and passion of romance and love. Your beloved wife would love to have a candle light dinner that could be beautifully lit with this gift. The distinction of this gift is its décor value made out in the shining combinations of crystal red and metallic luster.

Blue Cushion with sparkling crystals

You must have shared some of the loveliest moments of your life with your beloved lady in cozy and comforted ambiences defined by love and romance. Make out an expression of synonymy through this exclusive Blue Cushion with sparkling crystals. The defining aspect of this cushion is that it presents a beautiful picture description of a loving couple getting cozy in the backdrop of a lake view that has been depicted as shiny and moonlit. This couple would signify your fruitful and healthy love relations and gifting this on her birthday could be the best option. Place this cushion on your bed and reignite the charms and love between you two.

Charming Wife Award cum wooden frame

Birthday of wife is always a special occasion and therefore the most significant gift also has to be from the husband whom the lady associates most intrinsically. Decide upon this gift which would definitely be the most exclusive type and none less than an award for her at the special occasion of her birthday. This is a wholly personalized icon in it and the central part is the pic of your wife that could be placed in the wooden frame. However the defining personalization is the glittering metal award that comes depicted at the other end of the wooden frame. This combo offers the best recognition expressed from your side in the most intimate manner. An award trophy beside your lady’s pic would serve as the best gift for her as every lady cherishes the compliments from her love mate.

The cosma ring for her

A gold ring studded with diamond will surely bring smile on the face of your charming lady. None of the lady can escape the charm of this piece which has been designed as an elegant choice with super finesse and décor value. The 18k gold ring has a weight of 2.16 grams and is 3 mm in width. Place in her finger this valued product to get re engaged for a better and more exploratory romantic and love experiences in the immediate future. She would definitely recall the earliest moment when you bought a ring for her; particularly at the engagement after when she became an adoration for your life. Tell her that she is now equally significant part of your life and her birthday could be the best occasion.

Mug and artificial roses gift hamper for wife

This hamper has been designed as a complete love synonymy through a set of a couple’ mug with a message on it, a gift card and two beautifully made artificial roses in red and green stalks. The mug has a twin handle and reads the words ‘You & Me’ to add a romantic fervor. Remember that love and romance expressions always ride better over the ordinary glam icons. You will be speaking of your relation with her whose life is now defined by her soul mate. The card would serve as the supplementary background for the set.


Hearty roses with chocolaty delight

Choose this fresh roses’ heart bouquet that is full of fragrance and simply depicts the warm and rosy relationship that you have with her. The chocolates simply add to the fervor and would serve as the ready delight for her. She would definitely like this expression of affection which is made through heart of roses.


Stylish stone embellished bracelet

This piece of jewelry has been developed as an art piece in a stylish and modern form to suit the choices of your smart lady. This has been made as a two piece foldable one and has been intricately studded with zirconia stones of high quality to offer a fine luster. Make her feel special on her birthday by decorating her with this jewelry and she would love to note that she is the charm of your life. Yes, only this matters for a lady who loves her love with heart.



Flower vase and chocolates gift pack

This flower vase has been designed displaying a message of intimate relationship depicted by the word –‘little blessings bloom each day’. Brilliant cheers of yellow are added atop through a single artificial yellow rose and a bow décor at the neck. While the card complements the gift set, the chocolates form the warm delight to be shared between you two. Exotic chocolates add fervor to the occasion.


Khadi herbal body gift pack

This herbal body care and rejuvenation pack is comprised of body oil, face & body scrub, anti scar cream and a body wash, all made out from the natural ingredients. Although all the products so offered delicately in a wooden box are quality, yet you need not to bother of this aspect. The core massage that emanates signifies to her that you really care for her beauty and finesse from tip to toe. this is what will make the true unspoken fervor for the occasion.


So what are your opinion over my suggested birthday gifts for your wife? I am sure not all but few ideas are good. What you say?

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