My ordinary Mom (MOM) is not any more ordinary as she used to be in her life when she was young and faced all those problems that a bride had to face when she enters to a new home, yes it was new for her and new for every of her new home mates, be it with her mother in law or father in law and also with other established family members.

My father was not so rich and he hadn’t accomplished anything much in his life, so my mom being a housewife had to settle in less and do her chores in whatever he would present to run a life and house responsibilities.

It’s been more than a silver jubilee of their marriage and still the situation has been little progressive, but the matters have not changed at all.

She has been expecting many things in her life to come true, though her wish was just her own wish and my heart would pain a lot when I would see her wish being just shattered into a mere air like thing that would blow off soon after it passes for just a mere second and goes away.

Now I want to fulfill my mom dreams in her coming birthday, I want to see her happy as she’s getting old day by day. Like everyone else I love her more, but couldn’t express from the core of my heart due to shyness, I know you might also fell shy to express your love feelings towards your parents and yes, it’s really a big challenge, there lies a war between love and ego and ultimately the ego wins.

Few gift options I am planning

Gifts i am planning for my mom

This time around I don’t want to let my ego win, so for that I am preparing a list of Birthday Present I would love to give my mom for her birthday.


My Mom love ornaments a lot, she had got some jewelry when she got married and soon it was sold for a mere sum for living. She always wished to have some, but the day didn’t arrived and still she hopes, I feel bad when she says so, as I cannot buy – I don’t have money to buy and gift her, though this time around I have saved few money and I will buy a gold ear ring, I know she’ll fell happy and to see her happy means everyone of them being happy. Here are few more gifts your mom will love.

Washing Machine

This is another wish list of my Mom, and it’s a must for her. Washing clothes is really tough, and if the family members are huge and everyone of them is a male member except my mom ,so washing Jean’s, T-shirt, also other bed sheets, my father’s clothes, brothers, it’s really difficult, though seeing her in pain, I have started washing my own clothes, still she does, she complains that her hand is getting infected and the doctor has advised her not to touch water, still she’s only a single woman in our house and everyone being a male member doesn’t want to do the house chores, so it’s obvious that she have to work and wash all the clothes by her own self, so this time around I want to present her a washing machine, so that not all her pain, but still it’ll help her a lot in reducing the pressure of rubbing the color of shirts and jeans pant while washing.

Microwave oven

My mom cooks food so deliciously and she even tries a new recipe to savor our taste once in every single week or sometimes in a month.

My relatives and even our neighbors have appreciated the cooking of my mom. She says, “If only I had a micro wave oven, then I would have prepared more delicious food. Cooking in a pan doesn’t give a delicious taste like it would if that’s prepared in the oven.”

Nevertheless she prepare Pizza in a Pan, however it tastes good.

But this time around I am planning to gift Micro Wave oven too, so that her wish of having it and then preparing more delicious food is something that I want to taste in the days to come.

Dish Washer

As doctors have advised her to protect her hands from touching water so that her hands remain safe from getting infected, however it’s her compulsion to use it to wash dishes – I want to remove all the ache of her.

So in this birthday I am planning to gift her dish washer so that she can get rid of washing it by her hands time and again.

A vehicle

Every middle class people wish to have some wonderful changes in their life, living in the dreams of someday having to own a nice bungalow, with the maids taking care of cleanliness and having an own vehicle to commute.

She’s getting old and her legs are showing some trouble, so I wish to present her with a vehicle so that she along with our senior citizen in a family can travel safely and they shouldn’t have to rush and gets torture in traveling in a crowded vehicles plying on the road.

Holiday trip

Though it has been more than 25 years, my mom still hasn’t visited many places beside her home and her relative’s home and that has been a routine place for her to go to have a leisure time. When she watches television and when I am around her she always wishes that, “Someday my son will take me to a wonderful place so that I can see all those beautiful places, your father hasn’t fulfilled any of my wishes and never took me anywhere, I know you will fulfill my wish one day.”

Whenever I hear this words I really feel like crying, just imagine your mom has done everything to make you what you are today, ok not everything, you yourself have done much to be what you are today, but still, being grown up and not being able to fulfill her any one of her wish makes me sad, so I wish to present a ‘holiday trip’ for her in her coming birthday. It may be any places in the world that she wants to visit.

Vacuum Cleaner

Now it’s simple, why one needs vacuum cleaner, yes to clean a house and just imagine every member of a house is a male except your mom, how torturous is for her to clean all the mess. So I want to present her a vacuum cleaner to ease her problems.

These are 7 Birthday Present I would Love To Give My Mom for Her Birthday, there are still many more to give it to her and I want to see her happy from every angles like you wish for your mom to be happy.

I know you are reading this article, so please never let your mom regret anything in her live because of having you – always make her happy, if not, then also you can try your best to make her happy by your efforts and make her realize that you are trying your best in creating happier days for her.

I love you Mom.

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