When you think of a birthday gifts for wife, it becomes more special. She is that someone with whom you are sharing your life. Now that you are in a relationship for a period of time, you both are stable with each other and love to share emotions, or even if newly married your emotions are at peak. You know her choices well and you want her to be happy, from the depth of your heart. There is a definite difference in gifting a woman of your life than gifting any other person. Here it does not make a difference of the amount spent on gift but the thought and emotions. Even though, you don’t have much budget, but your inner desire would be to gift her everything.

Birthday gift ideas for your wife

There are many things you can do for her birthday, but gifts are a very part of a birthday celebrations. So here I am going to give you some of the birthday gift ideas that I believe are worth to give your wife on her birthday. I researched over many resources and came with these 10 shortlisted birthday gifts for wife. Many gifts you might see for the first time, so lets come find these gift ideas.

1. Soul flower Multi Frangrance Set

This fragrance set consists of incenses of different forms, incense holder and the combination soap of chocolate, vanilla which can be a good mood setter and can be taken by her as an invitation for a romantic evening. She can also use this set for the practice of meditation, yoga or just to relax her mind. Find more romantic birthday gift ideas for your wife.

2. Klife Sexy Lady

This is a set of 3 sexy night wear to let your lady know, what’s on your mind. This kind of gift is very near to any lady’s heart. It has that oomph feeling to rejuvenate your relationship and she will have a thought in mind that you still desire her.

3. Kheper Game 4 plays

These are such gifts which you can only share with your girlfriend or wife. This game can actually bring out deep dark desires inside a lady and beware you won’t be spared. So make a passionate evening together. Kit is explaining the functions of dice and spin wheel, which will make her drool into the fantasies.

4. Indian Saree

Gift your woman an Indian Saree. Indian Saree brings out the complete elegance of a woman and makes her curves look more curvy than any other transparent dress. Let her wear it with Indian accessories and you will love to see her new ‘avatar’.

5. Simply Chic Buddha Cascading Water Fall Gray & Black

We always say that after becoming a wife or a mother any damn woman on this earth is completely in love with her home. Want to check my statement? Then gift her something related to her home and see her happiness. We are suggesting you this cascaded fountain for her. This fountain will not only enhance beauty of your home, but it is considered money attracting in Fengshui. Find some more unique birthday gifts for your wife.

6. Ganesha or Aum Pendant Set

In Hinduism, symbols of Ganesha or Aum are considered very auspicious and protecting. You can gift her these pendants as jewelry, anyhow are very dear to any lady and if you tag it with “I want you to be protected, always” will completely take her away. You can get them engraved in gold or platinum and even diamond studding looks good on them.

7. Her Name Plate


What about recognizing her identity? Today, gift her something that can make her feel proud on the time, she invested in a relationship with you. Be sure to make it decorative by using metal frame or wooden embossed. Women are always inclined towards decorative styles.

8. Tee with a graffiti


Graffiti Tees have become a permanent fashion now.A Woman of any age are flaunting them these days. Write something funny on it that brings a smile on her face. How about a personalized line such as “This gal has a hottie hubby”. Don’t you think, she will smile on this? And to add more she will love to remember her teen days.

9. Corioliss Vintage Blue Floral Hair Dryer Compact

A hair dryer is a part of women’s daily life, I am sure your wife also uses it on daily basis. But the corioliss vintage blue floral dryer is much more than that. See the look of this hair dryer. It is not just a dryer, but any woman would love to hold it stand in front of the mirror to enjoy that bounce in her hair. Let her do so and enjoy the chic inside her. I think this would be one of the best birthday gifts for wife.

10. Lingerie Set

Last but not the least and always cherished gift for a relation of husband and wife, a lingerie set. Believe me, this trend will never die and shall never be considered as off beat in any era. So go for it once again. A woman would definitely love to have a nice lingerie set as gift on her birthday.


So you are all set to kindle that romance in your life by selecting the best birthday gifts for your wife. There are many more things you can do for her birthday to make her feel special. I hope you will find the best gift for her birthday with my best wishes.

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