Make it something unique, delicious and memorable. Whether your father’s birthday or Father’s Day is approaching, choosing the perfect gift for Daddy is not always obvious. While you could resort to ties, cufflinks and baseball caps, there are many more interesting things you could buy. Here are some ideas.


  1. oneSpend time with him. Time is definitely the best gift of all and something we have the power to grant. Spend time with him doing things he will appreciate, such as going for a walk or cycling together. Go fishing, ride a bike, boating, watch a movie together, visit an art gallery or museum, attend a sporting event. Choose what you know he will enjoy and make sure there will be time to rest and talk.
  2. twoIt fulfills your dreams. If you can buy something expensive, try buying a cookbook. This type of gift involves shopping, which is not your ordinary activity. Think also of running in a race car on a track. Parachute from an airplane, go on a balloon ride, fly in a bomber, jump from the bungee, etc. You know your dad better than anyone, so you know what experience he will find formidable. Yes, it is expensive, but it is a gift that he will never forget.
    • Other gifts include cooking classes, ice climbing, outdoor first aid classes, crafting classes, etc.
    • Ask the rest of the family to provide a gift: that will reduce costs and save your siblings from having to find a gift (they could even help your mom too.)
  3. 3Bring someone whom he has not seen for years. Set up a meeting with a former army mate, or look for a former school friend, a mentor appreciated by him or someone whom he loves very much. Organize the trip, the lodgings and the activities of the day so that everything proceeds according to a plan. Be sure to mention that person by another name so he doesn’t realize it.
    • You can search for the services of a meeting of friends to search for people and for people to communicate with them quickly.
  4. 4Give him a gift that keeps coming. Clubs of the Month can bring many surprises to your dad’s door, with monthly shipments of goodies, such as chocolates, books, wine. Bake cookies, pies, barbecue sauces, gourmet delicacies, and other delicacies. Allow it.
    • Another idea for a monthly gift is to arrange to go to a restaurant at a certain time. Make it an itinerary and let it choose a month and for the following “X” months, the entire cost is covered. You can call the restaurant to pay in advance or have your bill sent to you.
    • A monthly gift can be for the months you can pay and does not have to be all year. Or you can send cookies or a cake every month.
  5. 5Write him a letter of thanks and appreciation, which does not cost money but is invaluable and he will love it. Thank you for the things he has done for you and make sure you specify the precise things that have happened in the last year in which you felt his support and his love and which made you feel very special. Tell him that you are proud of him and that you are incredibly happy to have him as a dad. This type of gift will be magnificent.
    • Attach this letter to a card made by you. This also applies to a birthday card.
  6. 6Do something for him, he has been asking you and you have not done it. Clean the pool, sweep the yard, throw away the trash, bring you information that you have been asking for, show you the photos of your trip, etc. Whatever you asked for and you haven’t done, do it!
  7. 7Think also of a cheesy gift. Such gifts can be a bowl, a t-shirt, a plate and any other goodies they have messages about how great parents are. Have fun giving him one of these so they laugh together!


  • If you feel lost, ask your mom. She will probably have a good idea of ​​what he wants and this could be a guarantee that you are giving him something that he will really appreciate.
  • It also takes into consideration the possibility of giving you a cosmetic treatment, such as a haircut or new clothes, etc. (But don’t buy anything without it.)
  • Or also, make a renovation to your room. Re-arrange the furniture, add some new items, and clean it. You will need to be living at home and do it when he is away. It’s also a good idea for your mom to help you with this.
  • You might also like the tools. He will never tire of receiving those gifts. If you can’t decide what to buy, give him a voucher for his favorite hardware store.
  • Think of a magazine subscription. This can be very useful so you don’t lose anything from your favorite reading.
  • Think of some electronics or computing. Most parents love this, but if you’re not sure what they will like best, give them a voucher for their favorite electronics store.
  • Take into consideration your favorite sports and hobby. Observe and discover what you need for the participation of your favorite sport or hobby. You may have some items already widely used that you should replace. Possibly there is a new version of something he already has or just something new that has been invented and that he has not yet tried.
  • Learn the five languages ​​of love. That can help you decide what kind of gift to give. For example, perhaps your father’s primary love language is Quality of Time, so give him a small gift and then spend the whole day with him, doing some housework together.


  • Asking your mom can end the surprise.
  • Avoid the least appreciated gifts. Research shows that the least appreciated are:

ties, aftershave, underwear and socks. Actually, these things are very personal and most men prefer to choose it themselves, so avoid yourself and find more interesting things.

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