It is an experience that I want to share with you, an experience of a unique celebration of my girlfriend’s last birthday with some very unique ideas. I want to share this experience with you guys, so that it will somehow in a way can help you get your own ideas out of my experience, because mostly you are here to find out few things you can also do for your girlfriend. I thought that it is better to share experiences with you rather than just sharing ideas.

So, last year, it was my girlfriend’s 21th birthday on month of October. I still remember she was very excited for this day. But, she was not aware that there was someone who was more excited than her for this day, that was me.

Before her birthday, I mean few days back, she told me that she is very excited for her birthday and she told her plans to me. But, I had some other plans that was running into my mind. I listen to all what she was saying, also i was finding what are the things she likes and in my mind I noted down all the things she wanted for her birthday. So, till the day before her birthday I was listening to her very carefully on phone calls and while I was with her.

So, this helped me a lot to get some good birthday ideas for her that I knew she will really like. On the day before her birthday I listed all the things I was going to do, I listed all the birthday gifts that I wanted to present, I planed all the things and I started working for my plan. So, let me tell you my whole experience of that day, but before that you can find some birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend.

Day before her birthday

In the morning after I woke up, I planned out everything as I have mentioned above. Now, it was the time to get all the things that was required. So, I went out for buying gifts and other stuff that was required. My plan was to buy gifts that can make her feel special, also in the gifts list I have included all the things that I have found that she wanted to have.


Here, I am sharing some of the gifts I bought for her on that day. I had made a budget that I could spend on buying the gifts, so that I could not get confused of the gifts while buying. It happens when you don’t set your budget you actually get confused what to buy and what not to. So always set your budget before buying the things. Anyways, let us see now what all I have bought for her on that day.


Few days back I was roaming with her in market near her place. While roaming around she found one leather jacket that was really looking awesome, but was very expensive and at that time she didn’t have that much money nor do i. She told me that she will buy this on her birthday, when she will get some money from her sister. But I took the advantage, I knew what she wanted and bought it. I bought that jacket day before her birthday. The funniest part was that on the same day she got the money and she went out in the evening to buy that jacket, but their she couldn’t find the jacket. How she could find that jacket as I already had bought it. She called me and told me very sadly that the jacket is sold. LOL . She didn’t know that I already bought for her. So, I knew that this jacket will be big surprise for her.


Lastly, I was in a gift shop where I found this shining queen crown. As soon as I saw it I have decided to buy it. I imagined how my princes will look in this beautiful queen crown. So, I couldn’t stop myself buying that Crown. I knew she will get emotional when ill put it on her in the party.



She is very fond of make up. She has the hobby of collecting different make up kit of different companies and brands. One can always find some make up kit or things in her purse. So, I bought a make up kit for her and that was of a big branded company.



I made a big collage of collected pictures of her with her family member, me and close people to her. I think a collage is one of the good choice for gifting, it really touches you. You only need to collect some pictures and some messages that you want to print. If you are interested for personalized gifts, then here are some good options.


She also loves to collect different purses. At present, she have almost 20 purses and she keep changing every day or other. So, anything left to tell you that I have bought a purse. Yes, off course i bought a big purse for her. Then I bought a birthday greeting card in which I wrote some messages and notes for her. I put that greeting card in the purse to make her more surprise.

So, these are few gifts that I bought for her. If you have noticed I have bought all the gifts that she loves to have or she required. So, when you are going to buy gifts for your girlfriend then you must have this in mind that you must know what she will like to get and what she need at that moment.


So, now I will share what all I did and how I did on that day to make it memorable for years. My plan was to make this whole day joyful and with surprises. So, the night before this day I told her that I had a urgent work for which I have to go, so i won’t be able to spend time with you on your birthday. I did it to give her surprise. She got really upset when she heard me saying this on phone but that was a trick to give her surprise. Find how to plan out an unforgettable birthday for your girlfriend.


I already planned everything to give her surprise. I asked her friends to come at night to give her surprise for which many got agreed. So, we were all ready to give her surprise at the beginning of that day. Let me tell you what all I did. She stay in building apartment flat from her window she can see a road down crossing her apartment. So, I had some unique idea in my mind. I wrote Happy birthday wishes on road with colors and put some candles on it and all of us was standing there at 11:58 PM. We were all ready to give her a big surprise. At 00:00 A.M, I called her on phone to wish her, on phone I told her to see down through her window. When she came on the window I played the birthday music on my car which I have planned already and I wished her happy birthday. She got really emotional and touched to see all us standing down and wishing her. It was a big surprise for her. Then after that we went to her home where we had celebrated her birthdayI gifted her this queen crown at that moment and she was really looking very beautiful wearing it and also she was feeling very good and happy to wear that crown. More surprise party tips to plan for your girlfriend’s birthday.


Now very quickly I will share with you about all my experiences. Then that day we both met at our favorite place near beach. Where I was ready with all the gifts with me. She came and i hugged and greeted her again. Then I presented all the gifts to her and she really got surprised to see the jacket, which I knew she will get surprise to see. Then she opened all other gifts and she really liked all my gifts. She hugged me and said that this will be the most special and memorable day for my life. So, after that we spend whole day roaming around spending our quality time with each other. That was it, we really enjoyed that and she felt very special that I planned to make her feel.

So, this was the whole experience of that day which I have shared with you. I hope you enjoyed reading this and also you might have got some ideas for planning your girlfriend’s birthday.

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