So, your girlfriend or wife is turning 30 on this birthday that is just coming very soon. You may be excited about this day as she do. You might have planned this day already or you may be  planning some birthday ideas for her.

Planning birthday of our life partner is the most exciting and special thing. You get a great day to express the love and to show how important your partner is in your life, isn’t it. You want to do as many things as possible on this day to make her/him feel special.

Man are not more expressive in showing love and caring as women do, but you also must know that women needs man attention, caring and love. Talking about girlfriend or wife birthday, on this day she expect a lot from her man, it is a real fact as I mentioned that girls always need attention, caring and love. So, if you are planning to make her day special you need to do all of the things to show how much important she is in your life, you must show her how much you care about her, you must show how much you love her.

Age of 30 means a persons turns toward maturity and a women 30 is age when she is a real mature person. Reason of telling you about maturity and age is because you can judge and decide things accordingly. She might be working at some place or working at home, she has certain responsibilities and workload over her shoulders, so you must understand this. You must understand what she wants from you, you must understand what she wants in life. Now, you might be thinking what I am talking about, I must tell you that I am telling you this is because by understanding all these things you can find your own birthday ideas for her on her 30th birthday to make this birthday memorable, although I will give you a list full of birthday ideas for her but still you can make your own ideas as well by knowing all the things that I am trying to make you aware.

I have prepared the list of some of the 30th birthday ideas for her that you can try out. Below you can find a list of the ideas, you can try those ideas or you can make your own ideas out of these ideas. So, let us see these ideas one by one.

List of best 30th birthday ideas for her


These are some of the birthday ideas that I believe you will love to try. Please read all the ideas very carefully because I have mentioned some more important ideas inside each idea. So, do read them all.

Birthday Surprise

A birthday celebration without a surprise is like a gravy without spices. You might have got what I wanted to say. I mean you must make this day little more interesting by giving her some surprises and I must tell you that girls or women at any age loves surprises.

Take her out for shopping

You are busy all the time with your work and responsibilities and she is also with her own work and responsibilities and there is not time to go out and spend time with each other. If it is that so, then you must go out with her for shopping on her birthday. Women loves to go for shopping and specially when their husband or boyfriend taking them out for shopping.

Gifts for her

A birthday celebration is incomplete without gifts, I know you already listed down all the gifts that you want to present her on her 30th birthday. But if not you can refer this list to find out some of best 30th birthday gifts ideas for her.

Cook lunch meal for her

She always cook for your family and if not still she have a lot of responsibilities over her shoulders, so to reduce her burden you can make her feel comfortable and relaxed at least for this day. So, the plan is to make her feel comfortable and relaxed and you will make the food for her. She will definitely will get touched by this and will love you for this.

Body or foot massage

If you really looking out for making her feel relaxed then why not a foot or body massage. She will definitely love this. It is very romantic thing you can do to her and also by this you can show how much you love her. I must tell you my experience over this idea. 2 years back on her birthday she had worked all the day in her office and was very tired after she came home I gave her a good foot massage and she really got tear in her eyes and she said that you really understand and love me. See how this can work for you.

Sing a birthday song for her

You can wish her birthday by singing Happy birthday song or any of her favorite song. If you know any musical instrument then you must you it, like guitar or Piano. She will definitely like you doing this for her.

Dinner time

You can go for dinner on her favorite place or may be your decided place that you think will be appropriate for this day. You can order all her favorite dishes. Also, you can do the cake cutting over the table.

Long Drive

After dinner you can probably take her out for long drive and you can play all her favorite music during the journey.

I believe these are best of the tips and ideas from my side. Hope you have liked the ideas or may may be you found your own ideas out of these ideas. If it is so, then my goal is done and if you think that these ideas are worth sharing with others, then please it is my humble request to share it with your social friends over your social networking site by just clicking the single social button mentioned below.

If you want to discuss more then you can use the comment section and write your queries will help you out finding more ideas for you.

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