Taking advantage of these dates that love is in the air, of course, we started to give you some ideas to enjoy the day of lovers with your partner and what better than a romantic campsite, under the light of the stars, sheltered by the sweet night and the sprinkling of the dawn (Yes, yes we are also romantics) let’s learn together how to put together a romantic campsite.

Practical guide and advice of the passionate camper

1. The place

First of all, first of all, we will need a privileged location that contributes to our nest of love. For example, a wooded area, beach or natural spa. Make sure that the location you choose is not crowded with people so we’ll need some privacy.

2. Team

Make sure your equipment is complete and functional, we must try everything before our romantic evening, we will need everything to go well, for example the tent, flashlights, accessories for the campfire, etc.

3. Comfort

The comfort of our partner must be one of our priorities. In such a way that in case of not having pads, sacks or quality tents we should invest a little in this. Especially spacious and comfortable sleeping bags.

4. Tools

No, in this case unfortunately we are not talking about the typical multi-purpose knife Leatherman Surge  . On the contrary, we refer to another type of tools, those that will give a romantic atmosphere to our evening. We must pack candles, pillows, towels, sheets, cutlery, dishes and comfortable clothes, practical, but suitable for the occasion.

5. The Menu

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to invest in expensive items for food. That is, we will not necessarily need lobster, caviar or cheese with gold nuggets to make the evening a success. Suffice it with a simple romantic menu, some appetizer, chocolates and wine, a good wine. As an example you could take chicken, meat or seafood, with vegetables, avoid pasta or rice. Also, try to accompany the food with a sweet such as chocolate or chocolates.

6. The campfire


This is typical a romantic campsite, it is not a romantic campsite without a good campfire. It is not necessary to bring firewood safely in the vicinity you will find some logs to build your campfire, that we must ensure that campfires are allowed on the site of the campsite. And please take all the precautions of the case to take care of yourself, your partner and the environment.

7. Activities

A good captain plans the course of his ship. Even if they are not met to the letter we should try to plan the activities to be carried out at the campsite, a walk around, read a book, talk about future plans, go fishing to the nearby streams. An itinerary that gives life to the camping.

8. Details


As much as it costs us, we must pay attention to the atypical details of each couple. That is to say, if your partner likes flowers, incorporating some flowers to the camping would not be bad. In addition, we must pay special attention to the sheets that are clean and have a good smell, this will undoubtedly add points.

Have fun

Getting serious, as always we invite you to have a good time. It is important to enjoy and even better when you do it together with the people you appreciate. There is no doubt that if your partner really wants to be with you, he will thank you for all company and effort to make that special day for both of you, that from Mundo Extremo we give you the best tips and tools to live an exciting life, enjoying nature. Now to you, do you think it’s a good plan? Do not forget to tell us what else you would add to this romantic camping guide.

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