So this time you want to celebrate her birthday in a different way and romance is in your mind . For this you need some good romantic birthday ideas for her, right?


Going simple in every celebration could be quite boring so to rejuvenate the excitement you must celebrate her birthday in a different way. Celebrating girlfriend’s birthday with romance could be quite an exciting thing to do. There are many things you will love to do for her birthday celebration to add up romance. Here, I will only talk about romantic gifts that you can present your girlfriend/wife on her birthday.

So what to do to make this birthday celebration exciting as well as romantic. There are many things you can do to make this day romantic. One advice i would like to give you is that try to gift her things which can add more romance to this day.

Romantic birthday ideas for her

In list below you can find few perfect romantic gifts for your for girlfriend or for wife. These are some general universal gifts as well as some gifts are very unique. But both types of gifts are very important as both have their own value. So allow me to share these gift ideas.

Roses for the occasion

A bouquet of roses is a universal gift yet very romantic to gift a girl/women. Girls really find it very romantic when their guys gift them roses. But you might be thinking that gifting a bouquet of roses to her could be quite boring, yes it can be. But the idea is not just to gift her.

Why not to surprise her with roses. Let me tell you what all you can do to make this very romantic. Buy 4 bouquet of roses of different colors(not red color) and one single red rose, on every bouquet put a different note. This note could be expressing your love, caring and affection to her. This is one of the gift that i anytime and would love present her.

On her birthday ( early morning when she wake up), you can send someone with one bouquet to her place and tell him not to tell her who actually have gifted. This will make her curious to know who actually could be the person behind it. With every new bouquet you can send different person. After all 4 bouquets are done, then its your turn to go personally with a one single rose to wish her and tell her this was all your idea. She will definitely get impressed by it.

Love and romance in a bottle

This is one of the unique thing you can do for her. Gift her a bottle in which you can put a love note for her. You can decorate the bottle with some attractive ribbons. She will be curious to read that note.

A gown for the day

On her birthday you must make her feel special. You must show how much you love and care about her. To make her feel special, I have an idea for you. Why not a gown for the day that would make her look like a prices. If you are throwing a party, then she can wear that gown for the event place.

A dress for naughtiness

If you don’t have much plan to go out and want to celebrate this day at home, then this is a nice option. At home you can be little romantic and naughty . You can gift her a dress that will make her hot and which will make the room full of romantic vibes.

Heart shaped box with chocolates

You can find this kind of gift in any local shops around your place or also you can find it from online gift sites. These are very decorated heart shaped box full of chocolates. For all boyfriends, it can be quite a sweet and romantic birthday gift for your girlfriend.

A love game

If you really want to spend good romantic time with her on her birthday, then gift her some kind of love game. There are many games available for you which makes you engage with you partner in a love game. “Fifty days of play adult” and “Lovopoly game” are two well known games that I found in online gift shops.

Add some shimmer on her beauty

A girl or a women loves to look beautiful and elegant. She loves to do things that makes her beauty more vivacious. A girl or a women would always love to have diamond ring as gift from her partner. It could be the most romantic gift for her as it is found that girls/ women posses attraction towards diamond.

A diamond ring will make her shine like a princes. So in my opinion you can gift her a nice branded diamond ring on her birthday to make this day memorable for years.

Your romantic moments to be cherished

This romantic birthday present ideas is for wife.

You might have some romantic moment in your past. Why not to cherish those moments. How? Here are few things you can do.

* A DVD – Make a DVD of those moments. You can collect all those pictures related to those moments and make a nice video out of it. You can also text all those moments in the video to make it more interesting.

* A Novel – Yes, it is a very unique idea you might not have tried it before. You can make a small printed novel of your romantic moments. You can create with some pictures and text. Use all your personal pictures and messages to make a nice novel out of it.

So how was this list of romantic birthday ideas for her? I hope you liked few of them.

These were some romantic birthday gift ideas that goes for girlfriend as well as wife. So i hope married and un married man, both find their way with these ideas.

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