Are you looking out for some amazing 50th birthday party ideas? Want to make this day memorable for a person who is very close to you? Want to give him/her the best birthday party ever.

I know you are here to find out some of the best 50th birthday party ideas. I will help you out here, I will give you some of the successful ideas that I gave one of my reader and he found these ideas very much appealing.

A few days back I have got a mail from a reader who had visited our site “”. In the mail this guy of my age asking me about some birthday party ideas for his dad on his 50th birthday. I have mailed him different birthday celebration ideas which he really liked. So, here I will share those ideas with you so that you can also pull out some of the ideas.

12 Amazing party ideas for 50th birthday

There are two main aspects of birthday celebrations:

  • Birthday Party
  • Birthday gifts

1. Birthday party

If you want to make this day special and memorable, then it requires a bit of more efforts from your side. But let me tell you it is worth, when you see the happiness in the face of that person. He/she could be your mom, dad, husband, wife, or any close person. These are some basic things that can be considered mostly for any relation. Now let us see what are the birthday party planning ideas that can help you to make this 50th birthday party, fabulous.

Plan everything 50

Fifty is an age which is more than half of the life lived. It is actually little depressing with every single birthday turning toward aged. Don’t get me wrong but it is fact that this age person might think and you might not.

So why not to make this birthday more of joy happiness and love. Make this number 50 to be more of joy. Think about some ideas revolving around number 50 which can make that person happy & smile.

50th Birthday cake

Find out some funny, creative, hilarious, ideas to decorate the cake with 50 as base theme. The idea is to decorate the cake in a way that can make him/her smile and happy. You can decorate it by printing his/her some funny pictures on the cake, or likewise you can use your brain to get the best decorative idea for cake but do keep 50th birthday in mind.

50th birthday special surprise

To make this celebration more interesting and to add up some spice, I would recommend to plan out a big surprise. A surprise that could be unforgettable for years.

Book a restaurant and call all his/her old friend for the surprise in restaurant. Let them sit in their table and after they are ready to surprise, now its time to bring the birthday person and sit on a table. Don’t tell him/her that everybody is around, just let him/her notice each one of them one by one. So that would be a great surprise also it will be create the trill and the excitement.

Party theme 50

Let this party theme to be 50, now what ever you can think about number 50 would be a theme. Like suppose 50’s dress code, fifty songs party, etc.. Or you can think of some other ideas as well, but don’t think of some loud party ideas.

Decorate the wall idea

You can decorate the walls of the room with ribbons and balloons, also you can use a 50 year old tagged plastic board on the walls.

50 special things to say

He/she might be your friend, relative or family member, but you definitely have many things to say that you have never told before. Like if he is your father then you can tell him things like this.

I love you, you are very special in my life, you gave us a beautiful family, you took troubles to make us safe, You are best dad in the world, etc.. So these kind of things you can say, but I think saying 50 things would be not so amazing. I have an idea for you . Right all those fifty things in different colored notes and place them in the house and let him/her explore.

Music and dance celebration

Who care about the age, lets have some dance and music. Lets not take these growing ages to a dark side, lets start with a new beginning of joy and fun.

You can arrange dance and music for the guest and the birthday person. Plan out a special theme where you can set a particular dress code also to spice up the party.

Spend some quality time

Give some personal time to that person, you can talk about different things which you probably didn’t able to do because of your past busy schedule.

Share old memories

Take out some time to share some old memories with him/her. You might have many memories and experiences with that person, so why not to share and have some joyful moments.

Let age no bar

For a 50 year old men or women you can’t think of some kiddish things to do in the party? But I ask why? There is no age to be kiddish, each on of us have a kid inside. We ignore it and consider other things. So letting everything aside just be a kid for the day. Think that ways you use to celebrate the day when you were a kid. Let me give you some ideas. Fill the room with balloons, Make a cake little more colorful, have Birthday printed caps, make room with ribbon decorations, a birthday song, etc.. So this would be really refreshing.

2. Birthday Gifts

Gifts are very important part of any celebration. Not only on birthdays, but on any occasion gifts plays a great role. So you must also plan out some special gifts for that person to make this day memorable. You must look out for 50th birthday gifts ideas. One fast pick up idea here would be to wrap around 50 small gifts in a basket as a gift. You can find some more ideas here. Few weeks back I have already mentioned few ideas for Men and women on their 50th birthday, so you can refer these list.

  • Gifts for men’s 50th birthday
  • Gifts for women’s 50th birthday

These were some general 50th birthday party ideas that you can consider. I hope you have liked some of these ideas. I know these are very general birthday party ideas, but to be specific I need to know your relationship with that person and also some other parameters. So for this, you can use comment section to discuss some more ideas.

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