Age 40 is the glorious age when an individual enters one of the most secure zones of his life. For both men as well as women, turning 40 is a really big deal. This is due to the fact that 40 is the age when they are no longer the young careless selves and life has honorably bestowed its responsibilities on their shoulders.

In the case of men, they most probably have a family at this age with wife, kids, a house to take care of as well as a demanding job. Being the man of the house comes with its own share of responsibilities and thus the list of 40th birthday gift ideas for men gets narrower.

10 Best birthday gift ideas for men

Also, one need to take care that the birthday gift for men celebrating their 40th birthday has to be something very useful and most importantly, it should make some sense to the person. Below you can find some of the best birthday gift ideas:

A coffee mug

A custom made coffee mug will definitely be one of the best gift options. At 40, men are grilled between their jobs and personal lives. A coffee mug will prove to be a great addition at both home and workplace. Get something really cool and meaningful printed on the coffee mug, such as vintage Dude turns , Proud to be  or something that goes well with the personality.

Here you can find some more customized birthday gift ideas.

Wine/ pub glasses

Do you think a 40 year men love cool things like cool wine or pub glasses? I think yes, they do. Men in their 40’s love to have a drink once in a while. In between as the chores and responsibilities it is also a great way of easing up. Gift the guy a set of wine or pub glasses and it is definitely going to lighten up his mood. It is a very thoughtful gift. The best part is that both wives as well as friends can gift it to the 40 year old birthday boy.

An executive aid to writing

40 is the age when you need to go through lots of paperwork and stuff. Apart from this, if he has a habit of maintaining a dairy for either his personal or professional work, there can be no better gift than an executive diary. You can also find a great pen to go with it and he will be craving to get started with his new possession.

A vintage champagne or wine

So, it is legal for him to drink and he has a perfect occasion in hand as well. What can be more worth than investing in his favorite whisky, scotch, champagne or wine? He will be thrilled to know that his choices are being paid attention and will definitely enjoy every sip of it. You can also try to combine it with custom made wine/ beer glasses to make it more fun and memorable for him. There are many more unique gifts you can find.

Dinner for two!

If you are looking out for a treat to your 40 year old turning husband, then you can go for this. This one is especially for the married 40 year old man who has not had a great time with his wife for quite some time now. As a wife, you have the responsibility of your kids throughout the year. Try to get a quiet and romantic night with your husband on his 40th birthday. It is a great way of reigniting the lost romance in your marriage and you will feel lighter with not the kids around you as well.

Bring back all the great memories

Amidst all the responsibilities of life, men often forget the journey which brought them to the place and position they are currently in. Create a personalized photo album to cherish all the great memories in his life. Put in photographs starting from his college days and who knows, he may even get teary eyed recalling all those memories or you can make it really funny, adding funny lines and pictures.

Add shine with a tie

At 40, men are usually working or running a business of their own. In either of the cases, there may be times when they have to look their best in formal attire and tie is what completes the look for every man. Gift your man a shining tie to go with his formal wear and it will be a great addition to his wardrobe as well.

Gift for the fitness freak

If your man is fitness freak and loves to hit the gym or go for a jog, what can be better than useful workout equipment? Or you can search some more and get him a fitness band. Fitness bands are in trend these days and he will also appreciate your thoughtful efforts.

Finding the perfect 40th birthday gift for men is a mind- boggling task, which makes it a real challenge.

So these were some of the best ideas, i hope these birthday gift ideas was helpful to you. You can even find more 40th birthday gift ideas.

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