34 love tattoos ideal for couples

A galler Tattoos are fashionable, and many people decide to tattoo something symbolic: the name of a child, an emblematic date, or something that is extremely important in the life of the person who is tattooed. For example, the love of his life . 

And is that tattooing with a lover is an act of love that will accompany the couple for the rest of his life.

Ideas for couple tattoos

If you are thinking of tattooing something with the person you love most in this life, below you can find a list of tattoos for couples that are useful when looking for inspiration.

1. Crowns of king and queen

This beautiful tattoo can be a great representation of love. The man is tattooed a king’s vlove.

Source: www.buzz16.com

2. Mr. and Mrs.

When you give your life to someone, the union between you makes you stronger. This tattoo represents formality. 

Source: www.inkit.tattoo

3. Lions

Lions symbolize strength, struggle, survival. These qualities are necessary for a couple to overcome the adversities that may arise. 

Source: www.inkit.tattoo

4. Love letters

This tattoo includes the word “love”, which means love in English. Half a word is tattooed by one member of the couple, and the other half by the other. Together they express the desire for love to last.

Source: www.cuded.com

5. Heart key

Many times it is said that your partner is the one who holds the key to your heart. This tattoo exemplifies just that. One is tattooed on the heart with a lock, and the other is tattooed the key to entry to the soul.

6. Bow and arrow

The bow and arrow is a beautiful tattoo that represents all the battles that remain to live. It is a rebellious tattoo, but also passionate.

Source: www.buzz16.com

7. Always together

When you are with someone as a couple, you visualize the future with those people. This is one of the tattoos for couples that express that nothing and nobody can separate you. “Always” and “Forever” mean: “Always” and “forever”.

Source: www.es.pinterest.com

8. Journey to the planet

Love transports us to another place, it changes our perception of the world. This tattoo symbolizes the journey of the couple in love.

Source: www.mujeresfemeninas.com

9. Puzzle

Love relationships are like a puzzle, in which the two members fit and unite. This tattoo is original and romantic.

Source: www.mujerestalk.com

10. Fa Code

For those people who feel a great passion for music, this tattoo can mean something special.

Source: www.es.pinterest.com

11. Sun and moon

The sun and the moon are a representation of night and day. As a tattoo, it is great if the two lovers have these two elements drawn on their skin .

Source: www.es.pinterest.com

12. Neither time nor distance will separate us

This curious tattoo symbolizes lasting love. On the one hand, there is the figure of a compass, which guides the couple; On the other hand, there is the clock, which is the time they will spend together.

Source: www.recreoviral.com

13. Hearts

Nothing symbolizes love better than hearts. If, in addition, they have an artistic touch, the result is what we have next.

Source: www.viraldiario.com

14. King and queen of hearts

This tattoo is inspired by a deck of cards. It is one of the most iconic and recognizable .

Source: www.guiaespiritualmente.com

15. Mickey and Minnie

The characters of Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse are two of the most famous cartoon characters. Its silhouette is perfect as a tattoo.

Source: www.mujeresfemeninas.com

16. Butterfly

A beautiful butterfly. One member of the couple is tattooed one half and the other the other. By joining hands it is possible to see the complete butterfly.

Source: www.ellahoy.es

17. Initials

The initials always look great as a tattoo. Ideally, each member should tattoo the initial of the other.

Source: www.mujeresfemeninas.com

18. Anchors

In the ship of love, the anchor represents that the two members remain united with each other, whether or not there is a strong swell.

Source: www.belleza.uncomo.com

19. To infinity and beyond

A tattoo in English that refers to the two lovers will be together forever, whatever happens.

Source: www.es.pinterest.com

20. Cats

Lovers of cats already have an ideal tattoo for them. In addition to showing love to the couple, they also show it to the felines.

Source: www.es.pinterest.com

21. Better with you

A tattoo that says a lot, only suitable for lovers. It consists in writing “you with me” and “I with you”.

Source: www.imgrab.com

22. I love you

If you want to be very explicit, this tattoo is ideal. There is nothing clearer than a “I love you” tattooed.

Source: www.es.pinterest.com

23. Roman numerals

Roman numerals are also a tattoo that is used a lot. For the lovers, it is possible to put the date of the marriage or the date of when they met.

Source: www.salondetatuajes.com

24. Wolves

Wolves are animals that always show their stamina and attitude to keep their herd together. Ideal for couples who struggle to stay together.

Source: www.tatuajesfemeninos.com

25. Pentagram

Like the one of the key of fa, this tattoo is also ideal for the couples of musicians. His love for music and for the couple are combined in an elegant tattoo.

Source: www.recreoviral.com

26. Birds

If you want to fly with your partner, the bird is the animal that best represents this action.

Source: www.okchicas.com

27. Shared phrase

Another great idea for a tattoo is to choose a romantic phrase that each member of the couple will tattoo one half. By being together, it is possible to read the entire sentence .

Source: www.tatuajesparaparejas.info

28. Promise

When we decide to be with someone, we promise to respect and love him. A tattoo that means a lot.

Source: www.allwomenstalk.com

29. Elephants

Elephant tattoos represent loyalty, strength and fidelity. A way to swear eternal love.

Source: www.designtrends.com

30. Heartbeats

Tattoos of hearts are common, but not so much when the heart is represented with its beats. A way to say that your heart beats for your partner.

Source: www.diariofemenino.com

31. Date of the wedding

Possibly one of the most romantic tattoos is to have the date of the wedding drawn on the skin .

Source: www.cutypaste.com

32. Wedding ring

Why buy a wedding ring if it is possible to tattoo it? So sure it is not lost.

Source: www.es.pinterest.com

33. Mandala

For couples with great passion for Asian cultures, nothing better than tattooing a mandala.

Source: www.upsocl.com

34. Parrots

The figure of the parrot is known to rest on the shoulder of a pirate. In love, the couple is united and they walk together in the journey of their relationship.

Source: www.es.pinterest.com

y of images of designs drawn on the skin that helps to find inspiration.

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