21st birthday is one of the most special milestones in a girl’s life. This is due to the reason that she is stepping into a completely new phase of her life, which also marks the beginning of a world full of surprises and achievements. So naturally it is your duty as a devoted boyfriend to make it the most memorable day of her life.

21st birthday gifts for her

Your girl is going to experience a lot of changes in her everyday life and what can be more appropriate gift than giving a kick-ass start to it. In order to make the day special for your girlfriend, think out of the box to find the best 21st birthday gift for her.

To make your search for the perfect gift easier, below are some of the best gifts ideas for her 21st birthday:

6 Gifts for her on her 21st birthday

Down below you will find some of the best 21st birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. These are shortlist after knowing personal experiences of many couples as well as my own personal experience of gifting my girlfriend for her 21st birthday. So allow me to share this list with you.

A romantic dinner

21 is the age when girls and guys in a relationship are neck deep in love. If this is true in your case as well, there is no better gift than planning a quiet and romantic dinner for your girl. Do not go for anything fancy, just a simple and romantic dinner will be enough for sweeping your girlfriend off her feet. She will love you even more for this lovely gesture of yours. Do not forget to bring her some flowers on the way.

Scrap book

Handmade scrap books are so much in demand these days. On her 21st birthday, make a scrap book putting in both her and your pictures. You can share pictures from the beginning of your relationship and create a photo album showing your remarkable journey as a couple. To make things more interesting, you can add small notes with each picture to remind her of the wonderful times you both have had in the past. For a girl, there is nothing more attractive than watching her man putting efforts and your girlfriend will cherish the efforts put by you especially for her birthday.

A nice piece of jewelry

For your girlfriend, turning 21 is the first step into adulthood. To make her feel like a grown up women, you can gift your girl a classic set of pearl necklace. Pearls are timeless and it looks chic and classic on young girls as well. Here comes the best part, every time she is going to wear that necklace, she will think of you. This may cost you a little more, but it will be one of the best investments you will make on your girlfriend’s 21st birthday.


At 21, almost everyone is working and if your girlfriend is one of them, then there can be no better gift than a trendy handbag or a decent watch. These birthday gifts are of great use even if your girlfriend is not currently working, as soon she will be looking for a job. To ensure that you get her a nice gift, you can ask any of your female friends to help you choose better. A watch is something that girls like to wear with all attires. Gifting her decent watch will surely be a great addition into her collection of accessories.

A picture of you two

Select a nice photo frame and place a lovely picture of both of you in it. It will be magical to see the smile on your girlfriend’s face once she sees it. Pictures are an ode to the wonderful times you have spent together and they also indicate that you wish to see her in your future as well. Besides, your girlfriend will love to wake up to that picture every morning.

Take her out for her first beer

21 is also the age when your girlfriend is legally able to drink. Make reservations at a restaurant or pub and take her out for her first beer. Make sure not to invite anyone else. This will make the evening more memorable for her with just the two of you. Also, it is a great way of making her feel special and like a grown up lady.

Print a collage for her 21st birthday

Her journey from the birth to 21st birthday might be with various phases and growth on every passing birthday. Till the age she might have experience a lot of things, she might have lived a lot of moments(happy, sad, exciting, boring). If you have pictures of every year she grown up, then that could make a great gift. If you have her pictures or you can get it from somewhere, then turn it into a big photo collage. She will be very happy to have this as a gift.

Skin care kit

She is grown up now and in her young age she would love to care about her skin as well as she will love to look good. So a skin care kit as a gift would be a nice option. You can find different varieties of skin care kit on online product sites. After buying the kit you can wrap it up in a nice gifting cover with ribbons and a tag for 21st birthday.

21st birthday wishing card

Greeting cards are always best to express love and affection in words. But i found that many people really don’t like the idea of gifting a birthday greeting card as they find it little old fashion. But believe me a greeting card holds more value than any materialistic gift. Believe me at age of 15 my mom gifted me a greeting card with some messages and i still have it with me. So the best part with this gift is that it always stay with that person.

21st birthday is a big deal for every girl out there and some serious efforts can help you find the best 21st birthday gift for her. Hope these ideas might be working for you. If you want some more gift ideas or you want to discuss something else related to a girl’s 21st birthday, then feel free to share your queries in the comment section below.

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