20 things that couples who have a strong relationship do differently

Being part of a unit can be different: You make decisions thinking about someone else, You have to be careful with the feelings of another person, And at the same time, you must make yourself happy.

When you finally find that person who makes everything look simple, you know you have the basis to create something good.

Solid couples are, first of all, solid individuals. They are safe people who can afford to be vulnerable in a relationship. Once you have that kind of special acceptance from the other person, your strength is reinforced. Solid relationships depend on the understanding and appreciation that two people have of each other.

Here we show you 20 things that solid couples would never do:

1. Avoid jealousy to your partner

When you have a solid relationship and receive sufficient attention and care, you do not feel the need to seek an extra ration of attention through jealousy.

It is true that keeping your partner attentive is not a bad thing, but making them wonder how committed you are to the whole relationship is different. Jealousy generates insecurity and that is not what we want to have in a relationship.

 2. They do not check the phone to the other

Having the urge to check your partner’s cell phone is a sign that you do not trust him or her. Once you start having these kinds of behaviors everything will get worse and any text message will become a possible fight.

Do not say through text messages something that you would not dare to say out loud, in this way, you will not have to apologize later.

 3. They are not complacent about the relationship

Even the strongest couples understand that you have to work hard for a relationship.

Solid couples strive every day. They are grateful to have the other person, they give space to growth and they say ‘I love you’ feeling it really.

4. They do not compare their relationship with the previous relationships

When we compare two things, there will always be a winner and a loser. All relationships are different, and what makes one special may not be important in another.

It is possible to have more than one successful relationship in life. Solid couples focus on the relationship they are in, not the ones they had before.

 5. They do not put the status of their relationship on Facebook

If you really put so much importance on social networks as a way to validate the status of your relationship, then you probably are not mature enough to have a real relationship.

 6. Do not insist on being with the other person all day

Solid couples do not need to be around 24 hours a day and 7 days a week together. In fact, they do not want to spend all their time together. They know that it is important to maintain their independence and other interests they have.

That means watching that movie you want with your friends or going to the gym alone. Your partner wants to enjoy his own life. And he wants you to do the same too.

 7. Avoid constantly complaining about the other’s shortcomings

Strong couples know the other person’s weaknesses, and instead of making them feel bad about that, they support them.

It may be bad with surprises and maybe you do not serve to be organized, but between the two they make it work because they have each other to support each other.

 8. They do not try to turn the other into something that is not

You fell in love with your partner for a reason, not because you saw them as a project. Stable couples do not try to change the other person’s appearance. Or make them more expressive. Or less talkative.

Happy couples fall in love with the person they have in front of who they are.

 9. They would never compete with each other

It’s different to challenge your partner than to compete with her. When you propose a challenge, both grow as people. When they compete, someone loses.

It’s not about who bought the dinner one day or who proposed the last plan, it’s about making yourself happy and walking together.

 10. Things are not prohibited

Restrictions limit growth in relationships. The supposed ‘rules’ that forbid them to do certain things will only generate resentment.

We know that you would prefer not to see us come out with very short shorts in the same way that we do not want to know that you will get together to have coffee with your ex , but we are both safe enough not to restrict ourselves.

 11. They will not sweeten the truth

They are a solid couple because they built together the strength they have. That means always being honest with the other even if it’s something you do not want to hear.

Sometimes, I really do not want to admit that I will always be the most disordered in the relationship, but out of nowhere all my dirty clothes appear on the bed and I know what I have to do.

 12. They never insult their partner’s family

Feeling comfortable enough to insult your partner’s family is like thinking it’s okay to comment on your partner’s weight. It’s only good if your partner does it.

 13. They are not constantly wondering where the other person is

Solid couples do not need constant contact. They are not consumed by the idea of ​​what the other person is doing or distrusting the places to which they are going.

 14. Do not get drunk so that the other one seems more attractive

You can enjoy someone being totally sober. What a revolutionary, right?

 15. They do not need to be together all the time

Just because they spend all their seconds together does not mean they have a solid relationship. In fact, the ability to separate makes their union stronger.

Nobody likes that couple who can not be separated, it’s too much. It does not feel true. As important as maintaining your relationship is maintaining your relationship with your friends and family.

 16. Never deny physical affection

The sexual component of the relationship has an equal value as the emotional one.

It should seem impossible to resist your partner.

 17. They would never humiliate their partner publicly

Humiliating your partner, especially in front of other people, is a reason to end the relationship. There are ways to express yourself and there are also ways to, well, not do it.

The only time it is okay to embarrass your partner is to fart very hard in a quiet place.

18. They do not compare their relationship with that of others

Not only is there a way to love someone. When you compare what you have there will always be times when it seems that ‘you have less.’

Solid couples are strong because they are not valued by taking the outside world into account, they focus on themselves and know that what they have is good.

 19. They will not get angry without explaining why

Successful couples can talk without being afraid of how the other will react.

Getting angry without giving your partner the chance to explain is not fair to anyone.

 20. They never go to bed alone

Even if they are not physically together, they are together in the heart.

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