It’s good to show you this list.

It’s your birthday, or your anniversary, or holiday season-or you just feel generous. In any case, you want to give your partner a gift.

Thanks to the nice gentlemen and ladies of Reddit, we have compiled a list of considered gifts that women really want. You know, besides flowers. Which by the way are much better when they are NOT given at parties, but any ordinary day.

Look at some of the gifts you loved the most:

1. A reserved parking

“For Christmas, my son gave his girlfriend (with whom he is now getting married) a reserved parking lot in the city. She works long hours as a medical student on duty and always arrives exhausted and very late at home, and then has to drive for 30 minutes to find parking. Now she feels very grateful every day when she parks her car and can take a short and safe walk to her house. “- Reddit User Gin_Wren

2. A sweet weekend getaway

“Sometimes I get sentimental, like many other people suggest. But most of the time, I consider that the best gift is an experience. If you have the money, take it out for a short vacation. Even a day trip to some nice place would be enough “- sillywillies

3. A little help to pack

“I was going to go with my friends to Thailand and I had a lot to do before I left. He bought me a vacation package full of sunblock for my face and body, aloe vera, lip balm, a book to read on the beach, toiletries for travel, a travel converter, chewing gum, sandals, insecticide, and some things of first aid “- BadToaster2014

4. A beer box and / or a bottle of wine

“A box of one of my favorite beers, which I had told him they had withdrawn from the market. He was very proud of himself for having found her , and I had to explain to her that she had been removed only in the bars. But I was still very happy with my 24 bottles of it 🙂 “- Nashamanga

5. Take the time to learn your mother tongue or your other language

“Secretly he had been learning sign language for me. I’m deaf. I can talk (because my mom is great) and read lips. He is learning sign language mainly for when we are in very crowded places or if I am tired “- Sezrawr

6. Multi-purpose jewelry

“For our first anniversary of marriage, he bought me a nice heart-shaped necklace that has a 64gb USB inside.

It’s a bit heavy, but I use it all the time. People get very excited when they see me take my necklace and put it in a computer, and I feel like a spy for movies or something like that “- Prolixdreams

7. Straws, or other kinds of things that do not notice much

“Two weeks ago my wife and I went to a fast food restaurant, and she asked me to take out an extra pair of straws so she could take her smoothies at home (we are students and we just moved house, not everything is in your place yet). I did, and although she did not mention anything about buying straws, I made a mental note to get her some in some way. Two days ago I bought a lot of straws, put them all in a vase , and wrote a very short and simple poem “- DullestWall

8. A jar full of love notes

“One Christmas back I received a bottle full of little notes from my boyfriend. All the notes said things like ‘you are beautiful,’ ‘it makes me very happy to have met you,’ ‘ you are my everything ‘ ‘etc. It’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever received in my life. “- Cloodizard

9. Something related to your interests

“Listen to her, if she says she likes Harry Potter, get her something related to Harry Potter. If you are having a bad day, buy chocolate or flowers. If he really loves you, he will not wait for you to empty your pockets for her. It is the small gestures that matter most “- _Dazzled_

10. Do all the chores of the house

“Instead of buying a gift, maybe you just do all the chores of the house. They may or may not live together, but if so … they have probably divided the tasks between you … do yours and hers one day.

Do not treat it as something of importance … wash, fold clothes, clean the bathroom and kitchen … clean the damn house. If you can get away from work before she does, do it all without you “realizing” : the surprise on your face when you get home will make it worthwhile “- HelpMeLoseMyFat

11. A tender comic about her

“We were in school, so I did not have much money. He asked an artistic classmate to illustrate a comic. I’m sure he did not pay much, but she was happy to receive some money for doing something she liked, so they sat together and came up with an incredible story. It was an adventure story about my beloved cat and me. I loved him , and years later I still think about him for having thought of such a creative gift “- Tresor14

12. Confectionery of any kind

“My boyfriend made me a blue birthday cake for my 30s. I had so much coloring in it that it blemished everything I touched and it gave us a stomachache . He was so considerate that I loved him anyway! “- 23dovahkin

13. A room full of balloons

“One year, for my birthday, he bought me a machine to inflate balloons, and then proceeded to fill our room with more than a thousand balloons (floor to ceiling full of balloons) and then hid my gifts in chaos. When I got home from work I felt overwhelmed with all the time I spent doing all that “- NLCollJ6112

14. Your favorite shampoo

“My long-distance ex once mentioned that his favorite brand of shampoo was no longer for sale. So I found a couple of bottles on the internet and sent them home with a nice note. He said that it is the most considerate gift he has received “- DeathToPennies

15. A book signed by your favorite author

“Our first Christmas together: a hard cover book, signed by one of my favorite authors. I never knew I wanted it, but the minute I saw it I knew it was perfect “- Towawayzone

16. A scrapbook

“My boyfriend kept all the tickets and maps and tickets for our trip to Europe and he made me a scrapbook with our photos and all the things we had gathered along the way. I cried. Twice “ – lalaland87

17. A crazy adventure

“For his 21st birthday I got him a session to meet the zoo cheetah, where you can spend time with them and love them. He has always LOVED big cats and even dreamed of working in South Africa as a veterinarian at some point. Loved the gift. Then we spent the rest of the morning walking around the zoo together and having a good time “- sillywillies

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