There is no better way to show your love for someone, than making a little detail made by yourself. Investing your time, patience and dedication is much nicer than spending a large amount of money on some expensive object. And since we want your boyfriend to have a tremendous smile on his face, here we leave you some ideas of some gifts and wraps that you can give him and thus, make him fall in love!

Tell him that you love him from the Moon and back with this simple idea.

In a cardboard box put many inflated balloons with letters or gifts inside them. Give him a pin and start discovering his surprises.

Beautiful decoration for your room.

A classic that can never go out of style. Ideal if they meet months.

The most tender letter I have ever seen.

This gift is ideal for girls who do not usually express their emotions or what they feel for him with words. In each box write something you’ve always wanted to say, but you have not dared.

The most original wrap!

Try to use materials that you have in your home.

“Light up My Life”.

The wraps sometimes end up costing more than the same gift, also do them yourself. Here is an idea that will also help you to recycle.

Something as simple as this palette, can be something unforgettable. Add a letter inside it!

Another idea to create a heart with paper.

Do you want to know how to make a letter with a heart-shaped paper? Follow this manual.

Not because he is a man, it means that he does not like flowers. Something as simple as this envelope with cut flowers of any garden and a nice message, will make you see what you feel for him.

If you want a heart-shaped seal to adorn the role of a gift, this is the simplest way.

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