So you are planing to celebrate her birthday,  she could be your mother, sister, wife, friend, girlfriend, or any women in your life. You always celebrate her birthday in a very usual universal way and this time you want to do something different, you want to present unique birthday gifts for her, you want a unique celebration plan. If this is all you want, then i am here to help you out, i will tell you some of the best birthday gift ideas that are unique and creative ideas for her birthday celebration.

A birthday of someone close to us, is an occasion when we celebrate, share love and present gifts. We usually celebrate birthdays in a very common traditional way, we all do the same. Such as – cake cutting ceremony, surprise party by calling friends and relatives, Presenting universal gifts, going out for lunch or dinner. Isn’t it? Doing all these again over again seems so boring . So why don’t we celebrate in a unique creative way. It is because we run out of such ideas so if you are in the same situation then i am here to help you out , providing you some unique ways to celebrate a birthday.

So, let us get back to the purpose for which you are here. You want to present unique birthday gifts to her. For you i have listed down some of the very unique gifts ideas. Let us see what are these ideas –



We generally be lazy in presenting a gift and end it up buying a gift from shops or store. We all do the same thing. But, did we anytime thought about making an own hand made gift. Do you know the importance of hand made thing. Yes, a hand made thing can be a most precious thing you can present to your dearest one.Buying a thing and presenting is very common all people do the same.

So, why not to be unique and make some very different hand made stuff. You might get worried that it is very difficult to do all this. But let me tell you this is not that tough, below you can find some of the ideas. Here you can find a list of easy homemade birthday gift ideas.


You can make a big photo collage containing pictures of her and her close friends and relatives. You can also put some messages also. You can make it very unique you just have to use your creative mind. You can find some more personalized gift ideas.


This is one of the most unique and unusual gift you can present to her. All you need to do is use any old book which you don’t use , cut the pages into any shape you want with help of a blade and then remove pile of cut pages. This will make a hole shaped into the way you want, i.e heart shaped. So in the this shaped hole you can put your gift. To spice it up change the cover into most boring topic cover , but when she will open the gift she will get surprised to see the gift inside it.

Below you can see how to make a hollow book or if you don’t have time to make it then you can also go out and search it gifting stores.

How to make a hollow book for gift


This is also one of a unique idea to buy a pendant with two parts. You can gift half pendant to her and half for yourself. Tell her by gifting this half pendant that you are incomplete without her.


With paper and card-boards you can make a small beautiful key chain.  Its really interesting to make a key chain, just use your creativity.


You can make a greeting card with lots of photos and messages. I think this is the most easiest thing you can do, also it will not take much of your time. What is so unique about it? There it is, you can customize a greeting card in any way you want. Make it funny, hilarious, interesting and unique.


If you like to paint , then why not a self made painting. In fact it is a good idea, paint a good portrait of anything that you like may be express your love through your painting.

I know you are not experienced person to make a hand made things. So, for you I have jot down some of the resources from where you can get all the ideas.

Make Homemade birthday cards

Make a collage


Gifting a pet for her birthday is really unique in itself as you might not have gifted her before. A material gift will not stay long with her, but a pet will become part of her life. She will play, she will laugh, she will be very happy with a pet. My suggestion is to gift a puppy as dogs are good friends of us, also many girls love puppies. She will definitely like this gift. You can gift a pet as a surprise in a gift box.


We usually shop for the one who is having the birthday and later present it as gift for surprise. I am sure you also might have bought many things as gift for her. But , I would say, this time surprise her buy giving the gift vouchers of her favorite things.Winking smile If she is fond of cloths or beauty product ,you can gift the vouchers for the same. List down her favorite things and buy the vouchers for her.


Believe me it is a most touchy thing you can do. Gift a shinny crown for her birthdayShe will feel very special, wearing that crown for the day. I am really sure about this, as I have done it for my girlfriend and she had tears in her eyes. So, from my experience, i can say that she will love this gift.


Many people don’t do this to greet a birthday with  t-shirt or some cloth. So, you can do in this unique way to express the love and also to wish her the happiest birthday. You can print most interesting pictures and messages in that t-shirt, you can use your own personal pictures as well.


If you have list of things to gift to her then there is a nice idea. Buy a Set of boxes, every box is smaller than the other or can say different sizes boxes. So, you can put a single gift in single box and the same way a gift in each box. When she will open the box she will get excited to open each and every box.

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