Your mom’s 70th birthday is coming up and you have no idea what you are supposed to give her this time. What can you give a woman who have seen 7 decades, 2 centuries, springs, autumns and winters? A gift that says it all.

As an old woman she is the head of a tribe (in a metaphorical sense). She is filled with knowledge and experience and has seen it all, what can be given to her which might really surprise her.

Gifts that your mom would appreciate for her 70th birthday

Anything you give her would make her happy with certitude but this time don’t settle with just happy. In this article, I have mentioned 70th birthday gift ideas for mom. So let us begin!!!!

Computer, Internet and its knowledge

Loneliness is synonymous to old age. Especially in this competitive world people of that age start feeling left out. Their children are busy with earning a living and their grandchildren are busy with education and pals.

You can help her conquer the loneliness by acquainting her to the world of internet. Take time and teach your mom what internet is and how it can be used.

She might make friends from all around the world. Plus, internet is also 24hr entertainment. I know it is lot of hard work but that is the best thing you can do for her. She doesn’t have to be solitude anymore.

Message chair

In old age, there is no race, there is all the time to sit and relax. Why not gift your mom a massage chair on her 70th birthday? These smart chairs make the experience of “just sitting” amazing.

Many of these chair comes with a heat option too. So, it can be quite a gift if you live in a cold country. Believe me, she will think of you, every time she’ll use the chair.

Gift her health

Life is beautiful and it becomes more beautiful when lived in good health. On this birthday, give your mom the gift of health. Yoga!

At this age, it becomes impossible to do many regular exercise. That is why Yoga can be of great help here. There are many Yoga exercises and poses that are meant for old people.

Get her into a Yoga class on your own expense or if you can shell out few more buck then get her a personal teacher, that way she don’t have to worry about travelling. And, if you can make some room in your busy schedule you can join the class with her.

IRobot Roomba

If you are confused with the name, let me tell you, Roomba is an automatic vacuum cleaner. It is another wonder of the science. You have to just program it and it will do everything on its own.

Cleaning is a hectic job for anyone and it becomes the worst nightmare for people of that age. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be home while it do its job.

There are few working people in my acquaintance who have this. And, I have heard lot of good things about it.

All Passion Spent

Does the title confuses you? It is the name of a must read book for elderly, especially woman. The book was published in 1931, about a woman who puts her dream aside in order to be a dutiful wife and mother.

But, at the age of 86 her husband passes away and she decides to relive her dreams again. This book is such an inspiring book that keeps the hope alive and a perfect 70th birthday gift for your mom.

Start a blog for her

The one thing common about old people is that they have a lot to say. They have lot of interesting stories to share, lots of things to teach.

If you start a blog for her and teach her how to handle it she can share her experiences with not only you and your kids but to many other people.

And, she might starting earning also. Being independent, that’s what woman of any age craves for.

Jethro Phone

It is a simple mobile phone built especially for elder people. The most important feature of this phone is the SOS feature. With click of a button this phone can dial up to 5 contacts. This can be very useful if your mom lives by herself.

The buttons and the character printed on them are very big in size, which makes it easy for elderly people to operate.

Take her to childhood

There is no better feeling than the feeling you get while visiting the places where you spend your childhood. Every things appears smaller in size. From the final chapters of life the beginning looks amazing.

Of course, this is a gift which needs to be planned in advance, so if her birthday is in a day or two then it is not an option for you.

But, if you have ample of time and you can set few days apart from your busy schedule then this can be the best 70th birthday gift for your mom. You can even trace her childhood friends and arrange a surprise get together with them.

Here were few 70th birthday gifts for mom. I have included both kind of gifts, some will take more effort on your part and some will take less effort. You can choose what suits you the best because in the end it’s the feelings that count. From my experience I can say that people at that age crave more for gifts that comes from her rather than materialistic gifts.

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