I am sure you are here to find out some of the best ideas for “homemade gifts for boyfriend”. I am not sure about which occasion you are searching for some gift ideas for your boyfriend, but the ideas I am going to give you is for birthday as here we only give birthday ideas, but still these homemade gift ideas are not bonded to any particular occasion. You can consider these gift ideas for any occasion.

I personally believe homemade gifts are best to present anyone and on any occasion. It is my personal opinion that homemade and personalized gifts are much better than any materialistic gift that you can find ready made in the market. It is because homemade gifts are made with love and your sentiments are attached to them.

So I am glad you are interested in some homemade gift ideas for your boyfriend. Here I will share the creative ideas that I think are worth trying. I am sure you will love these ideas as well. So if you don’t want to gift him some ready made gifts, then this list is for you.



Down below you can find the best homemade gift ideas for your boyfriend that are creative and fun to try for. They are easy to make at home and does not consume much time.Let’s look at these ideas:


If you like cooking and experimenting with different recipes, then you must cook something for him as a gift. There are thousands of things that you can make very easily. If you don’t know about the recipes don’t worry there are thousands of recipe books where you can find some good recipes. So let me give you some of the ideas that you can try out:


These days you can find cake recipes very easily in books or many other sources. You can very easily find some heart shaped cake recipes over internet. They are easy to make and looks very amazing. You can read about.com source to find out how to make it very easily.


Heart shaped cup cakes is another option that you can try out. You can make many cup cake and put them in a very well decorated box as a gift. Make heart shaped cup cakes with these steps


Cookies are easy to make at home. You can make cookies as per his choice ( type of cookies he loves to have). You can wrap the cookies in the decorated box as a gift. Find some steps to make homemade cookies.


If you are creative, then you will love to explore craft to make a nice gift. There are thousands of ideas that you can try out for your boyfriend, here are few.


You might be reading it for the first time I guess. Love novel that is homemade to gift your boyfriend. You must be curious to know what is this all about. Ok, first let me ask you one question, “can you show your love through words and pictures, to your boyfriend?”, if so then this idea is for you.

Love novel is nothing but your own created novel in which you can put up many experiences, thoughts, memories, feelings through words and images. That means you make a novel by writing it down all old memories, feelings, thoughts, experiences in words and you use more personal & other pictures to make it more beautiful. I think this is a very unique and creative idea for homemade gift for your boyfriend that you must try.


You will love making a memory box. I will tell you at the end that what is a memory box, to increase your excitement. So to make a memory box. You need a Big box of square or rectangle shape, you need some accessories to decorate the box like papers, glitters, sketches, etc.. Use your creativity to decorate the box so that it looks attractive.

Now let me tell you what a memory box is all about. Memory box is nothing but a box that is specially made to contain all those things that makes you remember all old memories. i.e Love letters, pictures, movie tickets, gifts, etc.. So when you will gift a memory box to your boyfriend he will get overwhelmed to see all those stuff in the box.


I am not sure you are aware of deck of cards gift or not. Let me tell you what is it all about. You buy a deck of cards, you have 52 cards in it, then you write 52 reasons to say to love your boyfriend on each card and decorate each card with sketches, colors, glitters. It makes it a very cute gift that you can present your boyfriend.

Watch this video to know how to make this.


If you still think you can’t make all the ideas mentioned above, or you think it takes a lot of effort, then go for personalized gifts. If you can’t make a gift, customize the gift. Here are few personalized gift ideas for you.


You must be knowing what a photo collage is all about, but who don’t know, let me tell you what it is. A photo collage is a collection of different pictures and some personal quotes, designed and printed into some shape.

So to make this all you need to do is collect all his pictures or may be picture of you both, his close friends and relatives. You can use them to make a nice collage. You can also use some quotes or notes also to make it more personal and interesting. You can get this done from a personalized gift shop near your place within some hours.


You can make a poster as well, to make this you need nothing but the same.i.e some pictures, some notes or quotes and print them up in a big poster form. He can use this gift to decorate his room.

You can find a huge list of some unique and creative personalized gift ideas, here.


You can find a huge list of homemade gift ideas.

I think this was some of the of the very easy to make and interesting homemade gifts for your boyfriend. I hope you might have liked few of these ideas. If you want some specific gift ideas, then please share with us what actually you are looking for, this will make little easy for us to find some more particular gifts for you.