Are you looking out for some general personalized gift ideas for birthday or any occasion. You might be running out of good ideas and want someone to guide you in this. Don’t worry because here I will guide you and give you some good ideas of personalized gifts.

So what exactly we mean by personalized gift……

A personalized gift is a gift which you adjust or customize or make changes according to make it little personal to the person whom you are presenting the gift. Personalized gifts are more realistic and holds  than a material good importance then a materialistic gift.

Now, I hope you understood what exactly we mean by personalized gifts. Personalized gifts are always valuable and memorable for years. It takes your little time and effort, but at the end it is worth to try for.

So now let us check out some of the best personalized gifts ideas for your friends and relatives. Below you can find some of the general ideas for personalized gifts you can try for any individual.

List of Personalized gifts Ideas

1. T-shirt

Personalizing a T-shirt is the most common idea people get when they think about personalized gifts and good thing is that you can make t-shirt a personalized gift to present anyone. You can buy a plain t-shirt on which you can print some pictures of the birthday person or pictures of his/her favorite things and people. You can also go for some messages according to the person and the occasion. Suppose, you are gifting this to your brother, then you can print some message like “ World’s Best Brother”. If you are gifting according to some occasion, then you can print messages accordingly, like on a birthday you can print some messages related to birthday. In this way you can make a T-shirt, a nice personalized gift. If you want to know how to make a personalized t-shirt, then you can refer this.

2. Coffee mug

Personalized coffee mug is also a good option to gift friends, relatives or family members. A coffee mug can be used very nicely for this purpose. All you have to do is buy a Big coffee mug, should be attractive in shape and color, then you can print some pictures and messages on it. You can gift a personalized coffee mug on birthdays, friendship day, valentine’s day, mothers day, fathers day, etc.. In short you can gift it to anyone, friends, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, etc.. and on any occasion. Find some steps to customize a mug to make a nice personalized gift.

3. Wrist Watch

Making a wrist watch personalized is new to many people, I mean not many people try this. You can find this near your area in the watch shops. To make a wrist watch personalized you can customize the glass or its board with some personal pictures.

4. Wall Clock

Making a wall clock personalized is also a unique idea you can try for. You can print some pictures and messages on it. I have gifted a personalized wall clock to my mom on her birthday and everyday she woke up in the morning and see the clock, it reminds her of that day. So this is a very nice idea to personalize a wall clock.

Watch this video to find  how to personalize a wall clock:

4. A collage

Many people gift a collage to friends and relatives. A collage is large board of pictures and messages. It is just not a gift, it has some feelings attached to it as a collage is made up with all personal pictures and messages,  which reminds all old memories. So if you are planning to gift any close person, then you can definitely try this. All you have to do is collect all personal pictures of that person with you and with his/her close person. Use all these pictures and some personal messages to make a nice collage as a gift. You can get this done in a personalized gift shop near your place within an hour.

5. Bags

If you are planning to gift a casual bag, then you not to customize a bit to make it more personal. You can do some embroidery work or you can put on some accessories on it, to make it more beautiful. You can see some steps to personalize a bag.

6. Wallet/ purse

You can also personalize a wallet or a purse . You can customize the inner part or external part of the wallet. You can put some pictures on it or a personal note.

7. Diary

You can make a diary personalized by changing its cover or you can write some personal message on the first page of it. You can refer this to find some steps to make any diary, personalized.

Watch this video to find some of the great ideas of making a good personalized diary:

8. Mobile Cover

You can convert a simple mobile/phone cover to a personalized one. You can print some pictures on the cover. You can also print his/her favorite celebrity pictures or may be some favorite thing, you can use your own personal idea for printing that would make sense.

9. Wrist Band

You can also make a normal wrist band into a personalized gift. All you have to do is, buy a plain wrist band made up of rubber and then print some message over it like friends forever, best brother in the world, happy friendship day, etc.. You can print any message according to the occasion and person. These days you can easily find these kinds of ready mad printed bands from gift shops.

10. Key chain

You can also go for key chain. As many people carry keys with them, whether it is home key or car/bike keys. So, you can also make key chain personalized.

11. A personalized Cap

Many people these days follow sports it may be football, soccer, cricket, etc.. So why not to personalize a cap customizing it to a favorite team logo or may me favorite team player.

12. Greeting Card

Greeting card is a most universal gift that you can present anyone on any occasion. But by giving some more efforts to personalize a greeting card can make a great gift out of it. You sketch some pictures, messages and notes on the card to make it more personal.

13. Laptop Skin

These days Laptop skins is in trend, people really love change laptop skin to give it a fresh new look. So personalizing a laptop skin is also a nice option.

14. Pillows

This is one of a great personalized gift idea as it always remind the person(whom you gifted) about you. Again you can use a pillow for customization by printing some pictures and messages.

15. Personalized poster

You can customize a poster to make a nice personalized gift. Again as a collage you can get this done from a personalized gift shop.

So these were some of the personalized gifts ideas that you can try for. These are very general ideas which you can gift to anybody.

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