I know you are here to find out some of the best birthday gifts for your brother. His birthday is coming up very soon, may be a week later or may be some days left. So, you are really in a very confusing situation about the gifts that you want to present him. I am sure you might have your own list of gift ideas, but still you need someone who can suggest you about the gifts or guide you to find some of the great birthday gifts ideas for him.


Celebrating brother’s birthday could be quite exciting for a sister. She loves to plan out this day for his brother to make him feel happy. But when it comes to planning out some good ideas of birthday gifts for him, then it becomes quite confusing situation for her. She really get confused what to choose or what to gift her brother. It happens with all of us that we at some point need someone with whom we can discuss the ideas or someone who can suggest us.

8 Gifts ideas that are best for your brother on his birthday

Here, I will help you out to find out some great birthday gifts for your brother. I will give you a list of gifts ideas that you can try on his birthday. Below you can find this list with some of my experiences with my sister on my last birthday.

Best wishes to be remembered for years

There are many things a sister should do for his birthday, one such thing is gifting him a greeting card. I don’t know if you have ever gifted your brother a greeting card or not, as now a days young people find it to be out of fashion. But believe me it is one of the great gift that actually have some real value. Greeting cards are always remembered for years as you keep themselves or the birthday person keep it with him/her for years. It is the best way to express your feelings, loves, thoughts and wishes. So, in my opinion it is one of the best birthday gift for your brother or anyone. Buy a big greeting card for him and write some good personal messages for him. The messages can be funny, motivating or any other personal message.

Gift him “The Intelligent investor”

Gift your brother money making abilities on his birthday.Like Robert Kwiosky said, everyone should have an education on money making. This book is provides you with a framework of investing. The author of this book is Benjamin, who is co-incidentlty the professor of Warren Buffet. If you don’t know Warren Buffet, he is the one of the world’s richest man.

The value of money decreases with time and keeping money in bank won’t help you. In order to survive and live a good life you need a sense of investing.

Considered as the worlds best book written on investing, this book will turn your brother into an intelligent investor…wink!!!

He needs to add a new wrist watch in his collection

Guys loves to wear cool trendy watches and love to collect different kind of watches, so that they can change every next day. I am a guy and ask me how much I love wrist watches, frankly telling you I really love to wear watches of different shades and style. So, I think it is a nice option to gift your brother. You can go for branded watches, most probably of a brand of his choice.

Give him a smile on his face for everyday

You might be thinking, “do I need to crack jokes every day to make him smile”, LOL. No, I am telling you to gift him a present that will make him smile everyday. It is a personalized coffee mug, yes it is. You can buy a big coffee mug as a birthday gift for your brother and use it to be personalized by printing some personal pictures and messages on it. After using your creativity and completing the printing work on it, then you can gift to your brother. He will definitely love this gift. You can also check some personalized gift ideas.

Gift for a game lover brother

Many young guys loves to play video games, not only young guys many guys at age of above 25 also loves to play games on weekends. So, if he is a game lover, then why not a PlayStation or Xbox as a gift. You can also gift some of his favorite games DVD on his birthday.

A cool cap for him

Guys like cool things and look cool.One of the example is cool casual caps. They really find it cool to wear caps in daytime. So if your brother is one of them who loves to wear cap, then put this in your gift list. Many guys follow football teams, they have their own favorite team. So, this is also a good idea to gift a football team cap to him on his birthday.

He definitely love to renew his wardrobe

Guys love to wear different type of T-shirts and they love to add more T-shirts in their wardrobe. As a guy I can tell you that guys really love to wear cool T-shirts. So, if you think your brother loves wearing T-shirts, then gift him a couple of T-shirts on his birthday. Find some cool printed T-shirts for him, wrap them up in a nice looking bag and a nice gift is ready for his birthday.

Pocket perfume would be cool gift for him

Guys loves to carry out pocket perfume or they like to put it on while going out. So, you can gift a branded pocket perfume for him, probably brand of his choice. You can check his wardrobe and find out which brand he uses and accordingly you can gift him.

A loudspeaker for his room

Talking about young guys but not taking about music, not fare. Guys love to listen music and this is something that you also know that. So, if you can arrange a loudspeaker for his room, then this could be on of the best gift for him, believe me he will love you for this.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and the gift ideas. According to me you can gift any of these items to your brother, he will love to have them.

So, this was all what I have got for you, these were some of the best birthday gifts for brother. If you still not convinced and want some more ideas for him, then please feel free to discuss with us by using comment section.

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